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Department of Plant Pathology

Ruth Dill-Macky


Ruth Dill-Macky
Department of Plant Pathology
University of Minnesota

495 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN, 55108

phone: 612-625-2227

Small Grains Pathology

My applied research program is focused on the economically important diseases of small-grained cereals in Minnesota. I work in close collaboration with the wheat, barley and oat breeding programs in the development of new varieties with improved resistance to diseases. My project also facilitates the development of new techniques to assist in the identification of disease resistance in plants and to screen collections of germplasms to identify sources of resistance to the major pathogens of our cereal crops. I am also involved in studies to examine the mode of inheritance of resistance in cereal crops to a number of diseases, and to determine the effect of the environment on resistance expression. This knowledge is used to determine the most effective ways to deploy host resistance. Members in my program also conduct epidemiological studies of several foliar pathogens of cereal crops and on the influence of cultural practices on the development of small grain diseases.

Selected Publications:

St. Pierre, S.L, Gustus, C., Steffenson, B.J., Dill-Macky, R. and Smith, K.P. (2010). Mapping net form net blotch and Septoria speckled leaf blotch resistance loci in barley. Phytopathology, 100:80-84.

Pereyra, S.A. and Dill-Macky, R. (2008). Colonization of the residues of diverse plant species by Gibberella zeae and their contribution to Fusarium head blight inoculum. Plant Disease, 92:800-807.

Perez, C., Dill-Macky, R. and Kinkel, L.L. (2008). Management of soil microbial communities to enhance populations of Fusarium graminearum-antagonists in soil. Plant Soil, 302:53-69.

Culler, M.D., Miller-Garvin J.E. and Dill-Macky, R. (2007). Effect of extended irrigation and host resistance on deoxynivalenol (DON) accumulation in Fusarium-infected wheat. Plant Disease, 91:1464-1472.

Mudge, A.M., Dill-Macky, R., Dong, Y., Gardiner, D.M., White, R.G. and Manners, J.M. (2006). A role for the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol in stem colonisation during crown rot disease of wheat caused by Fusarium graminearum and Fusarium pseudograminearum. Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology, 69:73-85.