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Department of Plant Pathology

Integrated Disease Management


The purpose of the integrated plant disease management priority area for the department is to provide effective, consistent support for the management of plant diseases to Minnesota producers and relevant stakeholders, in addition to generating basic research.

Areas of Emphasis

Rapid response to plant disease outbreaks and persistent disease problems

Applied research

Enhance and promote extension programming


Robert Blanchette Forest pathology & wood microbiology including tree defense mechanisms, deterioration, biotechnology of forest fungi, biological control of forest pathogens, and conservation of archaeological wood

Senyu Chen Biology, ecology, and management of plant-parasitic nematodes

Ruth Dill-Macky Economically important diseases of small-grained cereals plus resistance screening as part of cereal breeding programs

Jenny Juzwik Insect vectors of the oak wilt fungus, including the effectiveness of disease management strategies plus the detection of naturally occurring Phytophthora species and movement of volatized fumigants

Linda Kinkel Ecology of plant-associated microorganisms, especially antibiotic-producing bacteria, in native prairie and in agricultural soils

James Kurle Yield limiting pathogens of soybean, the interactions of agricultural management practices with soybean pathogens plus the evaluation of soybeans for resistance or tolerance to major diseases

Benham Lockhart Identification, characterization, and epidemiology of plant viruses and virus diseases, including those of tropical subtropical crops

Dean Malvick Disease resistance, pathogen diversity, molecular diagnostics, plant-pathogen interactions, and the development and testing of disease management tactics and technologies

Angela Orshinsky Plant-microbe interactions, biological control of weeds and disease, early pathogen detection, integrated management of horticultural plant disease

Madeleine Smith Epidemiology of small grains and canola diseases, disease diagnosis, integrated disease management

Brian Steffenson
Disease resistance in cereal crops, genetic diversity in the wild crop progenitors, host-parasite genetics, and virulence/molecular diversity in plant pathogenic fungi 

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