About Plant Pathology

While the field of plant pathology continues to evolve, the goals of the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Minnesota remain the same:

  • Solving today's complex plant health problems through cutting-edge research. 
  • Providing sound plant health advice to stakeholders throughout Minnesota and around the globe.
  • Educating the next generation of plant health professionals and change-makers through a modern and broad plant pathology curriculum. 


As one of the longest, most diverse, and most successful graduate education programs in plant pathology in the world, the graduate program in Plant Pathology offers courses of study leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, while undergraduate education focuses on the needs of plants in relation to nutrients, pathogens, and insects. 

Departmental Focus

Our research and educational priorities reflect the contemporary complexities of our field. These emphases include:

Commitment to Diversity

About Us_Diversity

The Graduate Program in Plant Pathology and the Department of Plant Pathology are committed to providing equal access to educational opportunities that promote diversity, foster successful academic experiences, and cultivate the leaders of the next generation. Learn more

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Plant Disease Biology and Disease Management

Plant Disease and Biology

Plant disease etiology (causes of disease), epidemiology (spread of disease), biology, and control on a global scale. More information

Genetics, Genomics, and Application of Plant Disease Resistance

Genomics at Plant Pathology

Plant responses to pathogens at landscape, field, whole plant, and molecular scales. More information

Microbial Biology, Pathogenomics, and Microbiome Research

About Us Microbiology

Biology of microbes associated with plants including the negative and positive roles microbes play in plant health and productivity. More information