Plant Pathology April 2018 eNews


Teasing apart the partnership between nitrogen-fixing bacteria and their plant hosts in a natural setting is now possible, thanks to a novel new approach. Learn more about this recently published research co-authored by Distinguished McKnight Professor Nevin Young in PNAS.

University of Minnesota Extension Educator in Horticulture Michelle Grabowski provides some tips for how you can grow healthy seedlings for your garden and prevent seedling damping off. Read more >>


The Department of Plant Pathology continues to cultivate and leverage diversity as a mission-critical resource and to work toward inclusion and equity for all students and employees. Recently, the department adopted a new aspirational statement on diversity, inclusion, and equity. The statement underscores our principles and goals and was developed through comprehensive consultation with all current department members. Read more >>

As Research Scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada alumnus Brent McCallum's (Ph.D. 1995) research is focused on various aspects of wheat diseases including discovering new sources of resistance, determining the genetics of resistance, molecular mapping, marker development and incorporating resistance into new wheat cultivars. Read more about McCallum in this month's alumni spotlight >>

Campus-wide elections were conducted between March 5 and 7, and plant pathology graduate student, Deepak Haarith, was elected for the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) University Senate seat, with 66% of all votes polled. The position has a tenure of one year starting on July 1. Read more >>

 Professor Melania Figueroa and a consortium of collaborators at the University of Minnesota and partner institutions will examine the contributions of sexual recombination, mutation and other factors to the extreme variability and rapid virulence evolution of P. coronata f. sp. avenae. Read more >>