Plant Pathology May 2018 eNews


On April 30th the department celebrated the amazing work of our faculty, staff, and students with our annual awards day. This year the department awarded a total of $15,910 and recognized 26 award recipients. The day not only included an awards ceremony but also featured two undergraduate research presentations and around 10 research posters were presented. Read more >>


Learn all about the past year in research from the Chanda Lab. Current research topics include the development of integrated management strategies for Rhizoctonia, developing a soil DNA-based test for predicting the Rhizoctonia inoculum potential in sugarbeet fields, and more. Read more >>


As Research Leader with USDA-ARS, alumnus Bob Bowden's (M.S. 1981) research is focused on resistance to wheat stripe rust, leaf rust, and stem rust and discovering useful new resistance genes in wheat wild relatives and cultivars. Read more >>

The department remembers Roy D. Wilcoxson, an alumnus and Professor with the Department of Plant Pathology. Roy contributed greatly to the department in teaching, research and administration during his tenure as a faculty member. Roy worked on a number of different crops (corn, forage legumes, grasses, wheat, barley, and oat) and pathogens (ascomycetous and basidiomycetous fungi, bacteria, and viruses) during his career, and was widely known as an expert in cereal pathology. Read more about his contributions to science and the department >>

On April 18, Senait Senay began her appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor. Her research focuses on developing and enhancing spatial models that can be used to predict the distribution of agricultural pests and diseases as well as research on interactions between these pests, their hosts and the environment. Learn more about Senay here

Learn about new research from the Kistler Lab which expands ways to control head blight and vomitoxin accumulation by the discovery of new sources of plant resistance that could be replicated in agricultural crops. Read more >>

On April 30th, Adam Bogdanove, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section at Cornell University was awarded the 2017 E.C. Stakman Award. There was a short ceremony followed by a research presentation by Bogdanove "DNA targeting in plants by bacterial TAL effectors: pointing the way to disease resistance." Learn more about Bogdanove >>

On April 20, Don and Sandy Henry were awarded the CFANS Alumni Society's Outstanding Friend Award at the Borealis Night of Excellence. We thank them for all they have done to support CFANS, the Department of Plant Pathology and preserve Dr. Borlaug’s legacy. Read more>>