Plant Pathology November 2017 eNews


Plant pathology Ph.D. students Zennah Kosgey and Deepak Haarith share why they chose the University of Minnesota's Department of Plant Pathology for graduate studies. Watch the videos >>


The Steffenson lab is involved in a number of different research projects on barley and wheat. Learn more about African stem rust race TTKSK and other rust resistance research happening throughout the lab. Read more >>


A new paper out in FUNGI Magazine by Bob Blanchette explores extraordinary masks made from polypores and used in Shamanic rituals by the Indigenous People of North America and Asia. Fungi used, such as Laricifomes officinalis (Agarikon) and Ganoderma, are known to have medicinal properties and the Shaman used these in displays of supernatural power to ward off evil and to cure the sick. Read more >>

In late September Linda Kinkel was invited to speak at the Science Protecting Plant Health conference in Brisbane, Australia. Kinkel was invited to give two seminars. One titled "Diffuse symbioses: competition, coevolution, and pathogen suppression in the rhizosphere" (the final plenary of the conference) and another other titled "Interaction networks shed light on the ecology and evolution of soil microbiomes" (this was a keynote invited talk to open the session on soil health).

On September 26, alumnus Blake Webster (M.S. 2016) began a new job as a Research and Development Specialist with Syngenta in Iowa. Read more >>

Dr. Eshetu Derso Kidanu, Director of Crops Research for the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, visited the Department of Plant Pathology and presented the seminar "Economically important plant diseases and their management in Ethiopia" on Monday October 16. Dr. Eshetu was hosted by Matt Rouse as part of the Delivering Genetic Gain in Wheat project.

In January, Jonathan Schilling will assume the role of Director at the Itasca Biological Station & Laboratories at the University of Minnesota. He has been faculty at the University of Minnesota in CFANS the Department of Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering (BBE) since 2006, and adjunct in Plant Pathology (PLPA) since 2007. He will remain adjunct in PLPA, but the new position home is in the Plant & Microbial Biology (PMB) department in the College of Biological Sciences. Read more >>

Last month, Pablo Olivera visited Ethiopia to participate as a trainer at the Wheat Rust Pathology Training organized by the Delivering Genetic Gain in Wheat (DGGW) Project at Cornell University and the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research (EIAR). In collaboration with local and international scientists, Pablo was involved in developing and implementing a five days theoretical and practical training on wheat rusts. Read more >>