Plant Pathology News

Check out this video where Becca Hall investigates white mold that has taken over the soy bean fields here on the St. Paul campus. 

Understanding wheat stem rust virulence and non-host resistance against stem rust

Pathovar Identification and Genetic Diversity of Xanthomonas translucens strains isolated from weedy grasses and cultivated wild rice in Minnesota

Welcome, new graduate students fall 2019!

Plant Disease Clinic Lab Update for the summer/fall of 2019

Congratulations to Yanhong Dong, who was recently promoted from Assistant Research Professor to Associate Research Professor.  Yanhong earned her Ph.D. degree in Inorganic Chemistry at Nanjing University. She joined our department in 2002 as a Research Associate, leading the Mycotoxin Diagnostic Laboratory. 

Blanchette Lab Update for the summer of 2019. Lots of new research and exciting findings coming out of the forest pathology group. 

The annual meeting of the North Central APS North Central Division was held concurrently. The department was well represented at both! At least 15 faculty, postdocs, research staff, and graduate students attended.

Plant Health 2019 meeting in Cleveland, Ohio (August 3-7), several current and former department members were recognized for their contributions to the American Phytopathological Society (APS) and to the field of plant pathology. 

The Mycological Society of America’s annual meeting was held in Minneapolis at the UMN campus. In addition to 3 days of symposia and presented papers, there were a number of socials and outreach programs.