Plant Pathology News

University of Minnesota Extension Educator in Horticulture Michelle Grabowski provides some tips for how you can grow healthy seedlings for your garden and prevent seedling damping off. Read more >>

 Professor Melania Figueroa and a consortium of collaborators at the University of Minnesota and partner institutions will examine the contributions of sexual recombination, mutation and other factors to the extreme variability and rapid virulence evolution of P. coronata f. sp. avenae. Read more >>

The Department of Plant Pathology continues to cultivate and leverage diversity as a mission-critical resource and to work toward inclusion and equity for all students and employees. Recently, the department adopted a new aspirational statement on diversity, inclusion, and equity. The statement underscores our principles and goals and was developed through comprehensive consultation with all current department members. Read more >>

Director of the Plant Disease Clinic Brett Arenz provides instructions on how you can select a high-quality sample for testing, and also how you can mail a sample to the Plant Disease Clinic. Watch >>

Alumna Mag McDermott (M.S. 2016) has joined the University of Arizona as a senior research specialist in the Valley Fever Center for Excellence.  Read more >>

In January of this year, Ruth Dill-Macky stepped into a new leadership role as the researcher co-chair of the United States Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative (USWBSI). Dill-Macky takes over this role from David Van Sanford (University of Kentucky) who served as the researcher co-chair of the USWBSI for over a decade. Dill-Macky has been part of USWBSI since its inception and on the executive committee since 2000. Read more >>

In the race to prevent and control rust disease epidemics, scientists have positioned themselves to better understand how rust fungi infect crops and evolve virulence. Learn more about this recently published research in mBio, a journal by the American Society for Microbiology. Read more >>

Linda Kinkel traveled to Uruguay in February to work on collaborative research focusing on soil health in agricultural production systems with plant pathology alumni Nora Altier, Patricia Vaz-Jauri, and Carlos Perez.  Read more >>

Brian Steffenson's research on winter-hardy barley is featured by the Growler magazine. Read more >>

Grace Anderson was recently featured in a story by the College of Continuing & Professional Studies, where she shared her path to plant pathology, her passion for plant science, and advice for future students. Read more >>