Avoid Zoom Bombing in Your Zoom Meeting

April 29, 2020


In a few instances of Zoom-bombing, has caused a disruption in seminars and classrooms around the world. The problem was not a technical hole in security that allowed someone to breach a user's computer. It was that Zoom has a few special features that make a meeting secure, and these features were not enabled by during initial set up. Anyone using the app for the first time could easily not know about these features, leaving their meetings accessible by anyone in the public that has their information.

Here are some tips on keeping your Zoom meetings accessible and secure. 

1. Create a Waiting Room

2. Update Your Zoom Apps

3. Create an Invite-Only Meeting

6. Lock a Meeting Once It Starts

7. Kick Someone Out or Put Them on Hold

8. Mute upon entry.

9. Ask for a full name as a username. 

10. Do not invite the public (Twitter, Facebook, mass email) unless you are prepared to handle the users. 

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