Distinguished Alumnus Award

The award is to recognize alumni who have achieved distinction in their profession and who have also made significant contributions to the welfare of the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Minnesota.

2017 Recipient: Vergel Concibido 

Plant Pathology Alumnus Vergel Concibido

Concibido received his Ph.D. in 1995 from the Department of Plant Pathology, his advisor Nevin Young noted in the nomination: "Beyond his impressive record of accomplishment working in industry on disease resistance breeding, Vergel remains highly engaged with the Department of Plant Pathology, serving for several years on the Stakman Award Selection Committee. Vergel deserves special recognition for his efforts to connect industry (Monsanto) research with public researchers, something that goes beyond typical industry practice."

2017 Recipient: Nora Altier

Nora 2.jpg

Altier received her M.S. in 1993, researching the development of a culture plate method to evaluate and select alfalfa germplasm for resistance to Pythium seedling diseasesand. In 1997, she received her Ph.D. doing research on epidemiological & ecological studies on fusarium crown & root diseases of birdsfoot trefoil in Uruguay & prospects for breeding resistance.

Past Recipients



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