Civil Service Award of Excellence

The Civil Service Award has been established to promote and recognize excellence in job performance among civil service personnel in the Department of Plant Pathology.

2017 Recipients: Todd Burnes & Beheshteh Zargaran

Todd Burnes is one of those people who makes the Department of Plant Pathology work. Apart from being an excellent scientist, Burnes is also the Laboratory Coordinator for several undergrad and graduate level courses offered in the Department. In particular his Civil Service Award of Excellence recognizes his contributions to Introductory Plant Pathology (PLPA 2001), taught by Dr. Ruth Dill-Macky, and Principles of Plant Pathology (PLPA 5480) and Introduction to Fungal Biology (PLPA 5203), both taught by Dr. Brett Arenz.

Beheshteh Zargaran became a fantastic asset to the Department of Plant Pathology the moment she joined Dr. Ruth Dill-Macky’s group in 2004. As a lab manager, she maintains the growing collection of plant pathogen isolates in the Small Grains Pathology Laboratory, and handles the hiring and supervision of undergraduate student workers.

Past Recipients



2016 Grace Anderson / Dean Ziertman
2015 Todd Busker / Tamas Szinyei
2014 Roxanne Denny
2013 Carol Anderson / Anne Lageson
2012 Jennifer Flynn
2011 Todd Burnes
2010 Dimitre Mollov
2009 Stephanie Dahl
2008 Nancy Hamilton
2007 Carol Anderson
2006 Ann Arendt
2005 Joel Jurgens
2004 Todd Burnes
2003 Benjamin Held
2002 Jennifer Flor
2001 Amar Elakkad / Mark Galatowitsch
2000 Dann Adair / Gib Ahlstrand
1999 Laurie Brand / Todd Burnes
1998 Ann Arendt / Grace Bucher
1997 All Civil Service Employees
1996 John E. Haight / Leslie M. Johnson
1995 None
1994 None
1993 Sandra L. Gould
1992 Marguerite Clemens / Roxanne Denny
1991 Elizabeth Ozmon / Connie Post
1990 Andre Abad / Ann Arendt
1989 Todd Burnes / Dann Adair
1988 Patricia Burnes / Debra Baden Drange
1987 Gib Ahlstrand