Dr. E. C. Stakman Remembered at Garrett Beier Ph.D. Celebration

September 5, 2017

Plant Pathology paying tribute to E.C. Stakman

Garrett Beier, Eric Otto, Ben Held

Dr. Stakman had his pipe with him even while riding a horse

Dr. Stakman had his pipe with him even while riding a horse.

Historic memories of E.C. Stakman were abundant at a recent celebration for Garrett Beier as he passed his Ph.D. thesis defense. Some time ago Emeritus Professor Richard Zeyen came across old and very well used pipes that belonged to Dr. Stakman and passed a few of them to Bob Blanchette. These were brought out at the celebration at Bob’s house and presented to Garrett Beier, Eric Otto and Benjamin Held who were very keen to have a piece of Stakman history. Although smoking pipes is now usually only done by some for keeping mosquitoes away during fungal forays in the north woods, as the celebration progressed, it was decided that a tribute to Dr. Stakman was in order and the lighting of his pipes took place. We all found it hard to imagine that pipe smoking was a normal activity in the department during Stakman’s time. Many photos of Dr. Stakman are with a pipe including one while he was riding a horse!  After the gala celebration for Garrett and much merriment, all returned to their normal non-smoking lifestyle and Eric ran a marathon early the next morning.