Dr. Norman E. Borlaug Day

October 16, 2020

Join us today in celebrating Norman Borlaug and his persisting influence. 

Borlaug was one of only a few to recieve a Nobel Peace Prize focused on global hunger. The highly acclaimed University of Minnesota alumn was awarded his in 1970 as the NobelCommittee "believed Borlaug's 'Green Revolution' had fostered peace by helping hundreds of millions escape famine and misery. It averted massive social and political upheaval, and brought prosperity to areas of the world heretofore considered hopeless," (quoting U of M Professor Emeritus Richard Zeyen. 

Remarkably, similar sentiments from the Committee spanning 50 years and for such laudatory recognition. 

When Dr. Borlaug died in 2009 this same World Food Programme, with which he collaborated for decades, saluted him for being their agency's "great champion in the battle against hunger"...sho "saved more lives than any man in human history." The Food Programme's umbrella agency, the U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organization, stated "FAO will work tirelessly to ensure that that dream of Dr. Norman Borlaug becomes a reality." One can only conclude these organizations took great inspiration from Borlaug's achievements and his collaborations them. (And, there continue to be many other U of M associations with them.)

The World Food Programme and other international agencies celebrate "World Food Day" annually on October 16. "Dr. Norman e. Borlaug Day in Minnesota: is also recognized on October 16 via proclamation by the governor (available now on governor's website). 

- Don Henry, PhD U of M alumnus