Deepak Elected to University Senate

April 2, 2018

Campus-wide elections were conducted between March 5 and 7, and plant pathology graduate student, Deepak Haarith, was elected for the College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) University Senate seat, with 66% of all votes polled. The position has a tenure of one year starting on July 1

Deepak ran on a platform that included better communication between and amongst different hierarchy in the University system and hence making inclusive decisions for stakeholders by including all of their representatives in the dialogue; improvement to the infrastructure, connectivity, and quality of life in the Saint Paul campus; easing incoming graduate student (especially international) residential life through assured safe, affordable, and quality housing at least for the first year of residence; and transparency in the utilization of student service fee with options for graduate students to opt-in instead of opting out, based on their needs and usage.

With several other new senators-elect from other colleges sharing similar visions, Deepak is hopeful of moving some of these issues on the senate floor to fruition.