DGS Transitions 2020

September 1, 2020

Jim and Brett

On September 8, Professor Brett Arenz will assume the role of Director of Graduate Studies. He will serve for a three-year term. As DGS and in partnership with Graduate Plan Coordinator Susan Kingsbury, Brett will lead our graduate program including curricular considerations, student recruitment and admissions, and student support. Brett will also represent the department on the CFANS graduate committee, the GRPRC. Brett is very well qualified for the role! In the department he plays large roles in teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels; he has chaired the department’s Education Committee for two terms, and he served as chair of the CFANS Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Brett also shows a consistent commitment to and enthusiasm for our graduate students. In recognizing his teaching and student mentoring impacts, the American Phytopathological Society named Brett the winner of the Excellence in Teaching Award. Special thanks to Professor Jim Kurle who has served for the past two years as DGS. Along with Susan Kingsbury, Jim continued recent efforts to streamline graduate admissions processes, pursue fellowship funding for students, and to provide excellent day-to-day support for students in our program.