Dundore-Arias Awarded NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

May 19, 2016

Plant Pathology Research Associate JP Dundore AriasDr. Jose Pablo (JP) Dundore-Arias was recently awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology. This program supports a two-year research and training plan proposed by the Fellow. Dundore-Arias will work in the laboratory of Plant Pathology Professor Dr. Linda Kinkel.

Dundore-Arias’s fellowship research will focus on investigating potential direct and indirect mechanisms used by plants to enrich specific microbial populations, microbial functional traits that enhance plant fitness and inhibit plant pathogens, and plant-microbe ecological and coevolutionary dynamics.

The fellowship will also support Dundore-Arias in developing a collection of creative teaching and outreach activities targeted towards enhancing diversity in STEM fields. Dundore-Arias will focus on exposing youth from underrepresented groups to plant and microbial sciences via hands-on active-learning workshops, and inclusive and active mentoring and recruitment. Dr. Ilene Alexander in the Center for Educational Innovation at the University of Minnesota will provide simultaneous guidance and mentorship on topics related to teaching and learning, diversity and equity.