Malian Researchers Visit Kinkel Lab

March 1, 2018

Plant Pathology visiting researchers from MaliMalian researchers Drs. Babana Amadou, Kadia Maiga, and Dicko Amadou spent two weeks at the University of Minnesota working with researchers in Linda Kinkel’s lab as part of the USAID-funded project: More Rice for Africa: Enhancing rice yields for small-sized farmers in Africa through the application of endophytic Actinomycetes-based biopesticides. These scientists from the University of Sciences, Techniques, and Technologies in Bamako, Mali are working on methods to optimize use of Streptomyces inoculants and extracts for the control of diverse fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases on diverse crops in west Africa. Their work focuses especially on small landowners. Over 80% of the Malian population lives on small farms, with an average farm size of less than 2 hectares. Because pesticides are economically out of reach for most small farmers, development of effective and low-cost biological approaches for disease management is an attractive option. While in Minnesota, the researchers worked with scientists in Linda Kinkel’s laboratory, met with graduate students and many faculty in both the Department of Plant Pathology and Food Science and Nutrition, presented a departmental seminar, and discussed future research projects with the Kinkel group.