Kinkel, Kistler and Castle Receive NIFA Competitive Grant

May 31, 2018

Linda Kinkel, Corby Kistler, and Sarah Castle received a NIFA competitive grant “Developing Predictive Understanding of Management Effects on Microbiome Composition, Microbial Interactions, and Pathogen Suppression in Soil”. This three-year, $499,987 project will explore the effects of nitrogen and residue amendments within long-term crop monocultures on soil microbiome composition and pathogen suppression. The project will use the monoculture plots at Rosemount, established by Clyde Christensen in 1959, in which corn, soy, wheat, oat, and barley have been grown with or without nitrogen amendments and with or without residue amendments (factorial design) for nearly 60 years. Preliminary research shows substantial differences in soil carbon accumulation across the plots. Our research will investigate relationships between soil carbon composition and diversity, and soil microbiome composition and diversity, in parallel with pathogen suppression across these plots. This research will provide novel insights into the roles of soil carbon in mediating microbial competitive and coevolutionary interactions in soil.