Plant Disease Clinic Diagnostic Workshop Oak Wilt

August 29, 2019

On Monday, August 26th, 2019 the Plant Disease Clinic at the University of Minnesota held a diagnostic workshop for oak wilt for visiting faculty, staff, and students from all over the country. The event was held by USDA Forest Service and included a workshop and filed portions. The workshop was broken up in between two sessions The first session was held by the director of the Plant Disease Clinic Brett Arenz where he gave visitors the chance to see the oak wilt pathogen in a culture so they could diagnose the culture under a microscope. Brett’s session also had physical samples of oak wilt for visitors to see the symptoms up close. The other session was held by Plant Disease Clinic researcher Jennifer Flynn who showed examples on how to extract samples and get the procedures on how to get the samples into a culture. During this session, they also had the chance to see look-alike diseases, other pathogens, insects, and unique physiological conditions.