Plant Pathology Graduate Students Organize, Host Borlaug Memorial Lecture

October 29, 2020

Plant Pathology Graduate Students Davy DeKrey and Savana Lipps organized and hosted the 14th annual Borlaug Memorial Lecture on October 19.  This year’s event was entirely online and provided more than 80 people the opportunity to hear from 1996 World Food Prize recipient Dr. Gurdev Khush (UC-Davis).  Building on the Green Revolution and the multidisciplinary practices of Norman Borlaug, Dr. Khush developed disease-resistant, high-yield rice for Southeast Asia.  His presentation focused on the importance of plant pathology, disease resistance, and multi-disciplinary research in feeding the world.  The Borlaug Memorial Lecture also recognized Dr. Mikey Kantar (University of Hawai’i at Manoa), 2020 recipient of the UMN Emerging Leader in Plant Sciences Award.  Congratulations to Davy and Savana on a highly successful event!