Recent Travels and Awards July 2019

July 31, 2019
Feng Li with posterFeng Li Presenting Dinner in Shotland
With support from the Jerry Nelson Fund, Graduate Students Feng Li and Eric Nazareno attended the ICMPMI meeting in Scotland. Feng had this to say about her experience. 
"With this fellowship, I was able to attend my first international conference to present my work. This was also the first time I went to Europe, so thanks to the fellowship I was able to experience. Scotland has a great history, culture, warm people, and fantastic architecture. I had great conversations with scientists in the UK (Dr. Diane.Saunders, Dr. Joe Win, Dr. Matt Moscou) and communicated about their projects and opening positions for my future career exploration. I was very excited quite a few people were interested in my poster, and we communicated both the technical skills and biological meanings. It was also great to catch up again with our Australian collaborators Dr. Ricky Milne, Dr. Kathy Dibley, and Dr. Benjamin Schwessinger. In addition, I had a good chat with Prof. Ken Shirasu from The University of Tokyo about science in plant pathology and focuses and missions of some agricultural industry in Japan. From these exciting talks and presentations, I learned much for the most cutting-edge scientific findings in molecular plant-microbe interactions and plant pathology. I was also able to chat with several students and young scientists from different groups worldwide."
Deepak at eventDeepak at eventDeepak at event
Graduate students Deepak Haarith and Dong-gyu (Thomas) Kim attended the Society of Nematology meeting in Raleigh, NC July 7-10th. Congrats to Deepak, who was awarded a Bayer-SON travel award and the Best Student Oral Presentation Award.