Spookyfest 2020

December 2, 2020

This year has been a little spooky. To remedy the “2020 scaries,” the Plant Pathology Department continued its tradition of Spookyfest- an annual celebration and costume contest in which participants dress as their favorite plant disease or plant pathology-related concept. Like many other events this year, Spookyfest was celebrated virtually for the first time. Graduate students Davy DeKrey, Nick Rajtar, and Rae Page directed the efforts to push Spookyfest to a virtual platform. Although it wasn’t possible to gather in person for this highly anticipated event, PLPA students and staff carried the spooky torch by submitting photos of themselves and their loved ones, including pets, in their best plant pathology costumes. The contest was held via digital poll, in which PLPA community members could vote for their favorite costume. Congratulations to Sofia Simeto for wining 1st place in the first ever virtual Spookyfest costume contest! Sofia dressed as fire blight disease of apple caused by Erwinia amylovora, accompanied by her spook-tacular pollinator sidekick. Kudos to all other participants for their creative and entertaining costumes, too. Whether it be virtual or in person, we look forward to hosting another successful Spookyfest in 2021.


1st place winner- Sofia Simeto

2nd place winner- Cris Toapanta

3rd place winner- Rae Page

4th place winner Austin Lien

5th place winner- Becca Hall

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