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Plant Pathology Seminar Series

Seminars are part of the graduate curriculum and are given regularly by students and faculty. Seminars are open to the public and attendance is free. You can view past seminars on our web page.

Graduate Student Internships

The Department of Plant Pathology offers credit (PLPA 8090) for internships of 3-12 weeks duration. In addition, the department has developed a small pool of funds that will be awarded competitively to provide travel funds and short-term research assistantship support for students over the course of the internship. Students interested in pursuing an internship are encouraged to contact prospective individuals with whom they may wish to work, or to work with their adviser, graduate committee members, and the graduate studies committee in exploring potential options. Students are urged to plan ahead.

Students desiring an internship will be required to prepare a 3-4 page proposal for the internship, including a summary of internship goals, description of specific activities, location for the internship, justification for the location, and explanation of how the internship will enhance their graduate program. The internship proposal must include letters of support from both the proposed host and the graduate adviser. Internship proposals must also include a request for and justification of PLPA 8090 credits to be assigned to the internship experience. An internship experience is likely to be assigned 2-8 credits (S/N) depending upon the duration and activities involved. Finally, if departmental funding is requested, the internship proposal must include a detailed budget.

Internship proposals will be reviewed by the Graduate Studies Committee. Internship proposals will be accepted January 15 for travel during April-July; May 15 for travel during August-November, and September 15 for travel from December-March. To be fair, proposals received at other times during the year will be retained for review on the next scheduled proposal review. Proposals for travel dates earlier than those specified by the deadline on which the proposal was submitted will be returned without review. The Graduate Studies Committee will approve or recommend revisions to internship proposals, and recommend funding accordingly. Because funds are limited and may sometimes be tied to specific internship experiences (i.e. international experiences), full funding of all internship proposals is not assured.

Within 30 days of the conclusion of the internship, students will be required to submit to the Graduate Studies Committee a brief written report summarizing their internship experience, including specific accomplishments, contributions to the students program, effects on future research and career plans, and any plans for continuing collaborative interactions with the host. In addition, students will be required to present an informal seminar on their internship experience.

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Graduate Student Symposium

Biannually, members of the Plant Pathology Graduate Student Organization develop a full-day scientific symposium. They decide on the topic, invite speakers from across the country and solicit funding. Find information about current and past symposia.

Research Assistantships (R.A.) + Teaching Assistantships (T.A.)

Graduate students in the department are funded through University and department fellowships as well as research and teaching assistantships. Fellowship and assistantship availability fluctuates each year depending on how many students graduate in a given year and how many faculty members obtain outside grant funding to support graduate students.

For further information, and to learn about open positions, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies:

Carol Ishimaru
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Plant Pathology
495 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN 55108-6030


Phone: 612-626-7154