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A message from Todd Burnes to the Department of Plant Pathology...

To say that Spring Semester 2020 has been like no other is an understatement! No doubt, every single one of us has been impacted by the global pandemic. For the department, this has meant...

Dimitre, who also served as Director of the Plant Disease Clinic before Brett Arenz, is now a USDA-ARS Plant Pathologist in Beltsville, MD.

The Fulbright scholarship will support Molly during her first year studying plant and microbial sciences as a Ph.D. student at The Sainsbury Laboratory and the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England.

Harold H. Flor is best remembered for his groundbreaking “Gene-for-Gene Hypothesis”, a core tenet of plant pathology that is taught to this day.  As a USDA scientist in North Dakota, Flor studied the impact of the flax rust pathogen (Melampsora lini) on flax (Linum usitatissimum), documenting race specificity.

Alumnus John Bienapfl (Ph.D., 2011) accepted a new position as a National Policy Manager at the  USDA-APHIS-PPQ Beltsville Laboratory.

Dr. Bill Silverman age 87, peacefully passed away at his home in Lauderdale, MN on Sunday, September 22, 2019

Kasia Duellman is an assistant professor in the Extension Department and a Seed Potato Specialist at the University of Idaho. Duellman’s research focuses on all aspects of seed potato production, with the overall goal of improving quality. Specific emphasis is on pathogens important to seed potato production and seed health and to seed-related aspects of commercial potato production. Her extension program focuses on providing relevant, timely, science-based, non-biased information to growers and the industry. Duellman received her B.S., Arizona State University, 1989, M.S., University of Minnesota, 1993, and Ph.D., North Dakota State University, 2015. 

The Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Minnesota requests nominations for the E.C. Stakman
Award. The award is granted to individuals of any country and nationality for outstanding achievements in plant

Herb had career-long connections with the department.  As an undergrad, he worked on the Barberry Eradication project. In 1953, Herb earned his Ph.D. in our graduate program under the direction of Thomas King and Elvin Stakman.  Herb served as a faculty member in the department for many years. He was an Extension Plant Pathologist and founded our Plant Disease Clinic in 1956. Herb was a decorated combat veteran of WWII. We extend belated condolences to Herb’s family and friends.


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