Aurora Sporealis 2016

Polishing the Crown Jewel

Polishing the Crown Jewel

We have worked to improve the Aurora by using the publication to premiere more full-length stories.

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Where Science Meets the Public

Where Science Meets the Public

How Madeleine Smith is getting research-based information to farmers across Minnesota. 

Where Science Meets the Public>>

Protecting Minnesota's Sugar Beets

Protecting Minnesota's Sugar Beets

How Ashok Chanda is protecting Minnesota's sugar beets through integrated management. 

Protecting Minnesota's Sugar Beets>>

Plant Pathology Library 2.0

Plant Pathology Library 2.0

The department renovated the plant pathology library into the Land O' Lakes Inc. Collaboration Center and the Borlaug Commons.

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My Plant Path

My Plant Path Aurora Sporealis 2016

Plant pathology graduate students talk about their path to plant pathology. 

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Making All the Difference

Plant pathology donors, alumni, and friends make all the difference

Learn how our donors, friends, alumni and advocates have made a difference over the past year for the department.

Donors, Friends, Alumni and Advocates Make all the Difference>>

Honoring the Past, Living the Legacy

Plant Pathology Living Legacy Project

We're creating a complete digital history of the department that tells the story of our department’s history and its impact on modern agriculture. 

Honoring the Past, Living the Legacy>>

Ann Impullitti is Driven to Inspire Students

Plant Pathology Alumna Ann Impullitti is Driven to Inspire Students

As an associate professor at Augsburg College, alumna Ann Impullitti (Ph.D. 2010) is driven to inspire students. 

Ann Impullitti is Driven to Inspire Students>>

Thank You to All of Our Recent Donors

Thank you to all our recent donors

With your support we are able to pursue ground-breaking research, develop science-based solutions, and train the next generation of plant pathology leaders. 

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Into the Wild

Into the Wild Plant Pathology

Brian Steffenson led a group of University of Minnesota graduate students on a trip to Israel to learn about crop wild relatives, the local culture and more.

Into the Wild>>

Kurt Stromberg is Driven to Improve Lives

Alumnus Kurt Stromberg is Driven to Improve Lives

As a senior principal statistician at Medtronic alumnus Kurt Stromberg (M.S. 1998) is driven to improve lives.

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Plant Pathology Past Aurora Sporealis

The Aurora Sporealis has been published since 1924, and all editions are available digitally.

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