Aurora Sporealis 2017

Department Head Letter 2017

Plant Pathology Department Head Letter 2017 Aurora

This department, our alumni, friends, and donors continue to deliver impacts that change people’s lives and feed the world. This issue of the Aurora Sporealis features just some of what we’ve accomplished this year.

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Hawaiian Islands and Rapid Ohia Death

Rapid Ohia Death

Jenny Juzwik is helping to find ways to protect beloved ohia trees from Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) on Hawaiian Islands.

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Protecting Minnesota’s Pine Resource

Protecting Minnesota’s Pine Resource from Heterobasidion Root Disease

Red pine (and also white pine) face an emerging disease threat, Heterobasidion root disease (HRD), which is the focus of graduate student Eric Otto’s research. 

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Small Organism, Big Research Impacts

Soybean Cyst Nematode Research: Small organism, big research impacts

Senyu Chen’s, research focuses on one of the most destructive plant-parasitic nematodes in the world, the soybean cyst nematode.

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A Postdoctoral Perspective on Teaching

A postdoctoral perspective on teaching

Postdoctoral Associate Leon van Eck reflects on his teaching experience as a postdoc, and also writes about the experiences other postdocs have had teaching courses in the department. 

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Alumni Spotlight: Kira Bowen

Plant Pathology Alumna Kira Bowen

Alumna Kira Bowen, (Ph.D. 1983) Professor in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Auburn University, talks about her current work and favorite moments from her time as a graduate student. 

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Thank You Donors!

Thank you to all our recent donors

With your support we are able to pursue ground-breaking research, develop science-based solutions, and train the next generation of plant pathology leaders. 

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A Look Inside Soybean Research

A Look Inside Soybean Research

Dean Malvick provides an inside look at the portion of his research program focused on sudden death syndrome and Rhizoctonia root rot.

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My Plant Path: Zennah Kosgey

Plant Pathology Graduate Student Zennah Kosgey

When Zennah Kosgey dreams about the future of her home country Kenya, she sees a country free of poverty. Kosgey sees that day coming soon and won’t stop pushing herself until that dream becomes a reality.

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Alumni Spotlight: Barbara Christ

Plant Pathology Alumna Barbara Christ

Alumna Barbara Christ, (M.S. 1980) Special Assistant to the Deans in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Professor of Plant Pathology at Penn State University, looks back at her time with the department. 

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View Past Editions of the Aurora Sporealis

Plant Pathology Past Aurora Sporealis

The Aurora Sporealis has been published since 1924, and all editions are available digitally.

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Plant Disease Clinic 2017 Update

Plant Pathology By The Numbers 2017

During the past year, clients submitted 2421 samples to the Plant Disease Clinic, this represented approximately 160 plant species as host types.

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My Plant Path: Deepak Haarith

My Plant Path: Deepak Rajendran

Drawing on his fascination with plant-microbe interactions, and inspiration from Norman Borlaug’s work, when Deepak Haarith decided to pursue a Ph.D. in plant pathology, he could think of no better fit than here.

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News Recap 2017

Plant Pathology News Recap 2017

In this year’s magazine, we provide a summary of the news and events from this year. Check out this year's notable alumni and event news.

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