Aurora Sporealis 2019

Department Head Letter 2019

Department Head Letter 2018 from Jim Bradeen

As we move into a new decade, I am struck with how our department continues to adapt and evolve with our changing science. This year marks the 113th anniversary of the Department of Plant Pathology! Over the years, we have trained generations upon generations of students. Read more...

Carol Ishimaru: Building Community at Plant Pathology

Carol Ishimaru

Community makes a difference. The Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Minnesota is more than a group of students, staff, and faculty. It is a community built on the shared goals of feeding the world sustainability and protecting the environment through science-based best practices. Read More...

My Plant Path: Matthew Pereyra

Matthew Parara Pic

Currently working with Linda Kinkel on the role of antagonism and nutrient competition in plant disease suppressive soil communities. Matthew first had interests in microbial interactions with their hosts and disease in particular. Read More...

Alumni Spotlight: Kasia Duellman

Kasia Duellman photo for web

M.S. (Plant Pathology), University of Minnesota, 1992. Kasia Duellman is an assistant professor with University of Idaho Extension and a Seed Potato Specialist. Duellman’s research focuses on all aspects of seed potato production, with the overall goal of improving quality. Read More...

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In 2019 the Small Grains Pathology Laboratory hosted summer interns from five continents

Ruth Page Photo

The long summer days are full of activity in the Small Grains Pathology Laboratory led by Dr. Ruth Dill-Macky. This summer the Small Grains Pathology team established field experiments examining disease management practices and screening for host reaction to a number of diseases of wheat, barley, and oats. Read More...

SBC Facilitates International Research Experiences for Students, Staff, and Faculty


In the high elevations of Guatemala’s Western Highlands, farmers and University of Minnesota faculty and staff gathered in a coffee distribution center to discuss the cooperative’s organizational structure, new business relationships, and plant health challenges. Read More...

SILVIA PEREYRA: Recipient of Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals


Dr. Silvia A. Pereyra has emerged as a leader in agricultural research in her native Uruguay. Her career has delivered tangible benefits to farmers in South America and has had a significant impact in many parts of the developing world. Read More...

My Plant Path: Nevin Young

Nevin Young

Professor at Minnesota in Plant Pathology since 1989, focusing on the use of genome sequencing approaches to explore the genetic architecture of disease resistance
and symbiosis.

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Plant Disease Clinic 2019

PDC Page Photo

Officially Minnesota had its wettest water year on record with over 41 inches, which is a full 10 inches over the average amount we typically see. Frequent and abundant rain is especially associated with fungal diseases. Read More...

My Plant Path: Becca Hall

Becca Hall

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Becca reflects on her path to plant science from the first time she took her first mycology course to her current work on developing an updated map of Sudden Death Syndrome. Click Here...

Alumni Spotlight: Jim Kolmer

Jim Kolmer Photo for Web

M.S. (Plant Pathology), University of Minnesota, 1982. Jim's research has dealt with the population genetics and biology of cereal rust fungi, with particular regard to how the use of host resistance genes selects rust genotypes. Read More...