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A secondary use of Land O' Lakes, Inc. Collaboration Center (LOLICC) and the Borlaug Commons is engagement within the University of Minnesota community and between the University of Minnesota and the public. In this context, LOLICC will be made available on a limited basis for special lectures and seminars, training, workshops, receptions, and similar activities. The space is available to all UMN units with preference given to CFANS affiliates. Plant Pathology staff will be in charge of reservations for this space. Because the use of LOLICC for engagement activities has the potential to limit student accessibility, restrictions may be placed on the frequency and timing of events in order to achieve a good balance between the intended uses of the space.

LOLICC is NOT available for routine departmental activities such as lab meetings, classes, departmental seminar series, recurring committee meetings, graduate student committee meetings, etc. as it is assumed each department provides adequate space for these activities already.

LOLICC cannot be reserved for personal events or by individuals outside of the University of Minnesota without explicit consultation with and permission from Plant Pathology staff. Any reservations external to CFANS will need to provide a UMN chartstring for a $75 fee per day. Reservations external to the University will need to work with the Plant Pathology staff to submit a payment of $150 per day.

Reserve for your event

Space is available on a first come, first served basis to the UMN community, with preference given to CFANS affiliates. All-day and multi-hour events during the academic semesters are unlikely to be approved unless the event falls outside peak student usage times. Plant Pathology staff will maintain all aspects of scheduling for the LOL Collaboration Center.

Any space that is used must be returned to its original condition. Tables and chairs must be returned to the same arrangement that they were found in and the room must be cleaned after use. Please use this document as a reference for cleanup and setting the room back to its original condition. 

Any reservations external to CFANS will need to provide a UMN chartstring for a $75 fee per day. Reservations external to the University will need to work with the Plant Pathology staff to submit a payment of $150 per day. Please contact the Department of Plant Pathology at directly for non-CFANS reservations. Reservation of the smaller conference room within Land O’ Lakes, Inc Collaboration Center is free of charge for any student groups or CFANS units.

To reserve a room at LOLICC (CFANS/SBC groups):

  • Check availability on Google Calendar
  • Complete the room reservation form
  • Wait for a confirmation email that will come through as a Google Calendar invitation

Room Use Agreement

Use of 395 and 395B- small conference room in LOLICC requires that the users read and follow the following guidelines:

  • LOLICC space will not be arranged for any users. Setup, take-down and cleaning tasks are the user's responsibility.

  • If you wish to have food in LOLICC, you must receive approval from Plant Pathology ( Any catering/food service that has been approved by DEHS is allowed in the building.

  • For events that serve alcohol, users must obtain an alcohol permit from the Office of Risk Management. A copy of your approved permit must be sent to

  • All spaces must be cleaned by the user after use. This includes throwing away excess trash and food, wiping down tables and reporting spills. Chairs and tables that have been moved MUST be returned to their original positions. Any additional cleaning expenses will be billed back to the user.

  • For safety and fire code purposes, do not exceed capacity indicated in space information below when planning events.

  • No candles or other types of open flames are allowed in LOLICC. Sterno cans are allowed for catering purposes.

  • Decorations are allowed given that the building and resources not be altered or harmed:

    • No tape may be used on painted walls

    • No tacks/pushpins/nails may be sunk in walls

    • No items may be hung on building plants

Room Features and Information

Borlaug Commons seats up to 50 attendees seminar-style. Reception-style events are most comfortable at a maximum number of attendees at 60-80, with fire code at 100.

This space will not be arranged for any users. Setup and takedown is the user's responsibility.

Assets for use free of charge:

  • Two 30” round tables, three 48” round tables, two 30” x 7’ tables
  • One 67” X 60” rolling, divider-style marker board
  • 40 existing chairs throughout room
  • 30 folding chairs, arrange for storeroom key with at least one business day before your event (these can also be used on the outdoor patios)
  • 82” flat panel
  • Podium
  • Living room furniture

Small Conference Room Reservation

Student study groups and student organizations may reserve the small internal conference room. The room contains a small flat panel with HDMI hookup. Users will need to bring their own laptop to use the screen. Click here to learn more about the room and how you reserve it >>