Michelle Grabowski

Extension Educator - Horticulture

Michelle GrabowskiMichelle Grabowski is an extension educator that has been solving and educating on ornamental and vegetable disease problems since 2006. She is a key member of the horticulture working group in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS). Her extension program is focused on teaching home gardeners, lawn and landscape professionals, and fruit and vegetable growers how to diagnose and manage plant disease without negatively impacting human health and the environment. To reach home gardeners throughout Minnesota, she teaches plant pathology to over 2,200 Master Gardener (MG) volunteers. These volunteers work 128,000 hours per year responding to gardening questions. Michelle also has led the horticulture working group in developing and organizing online content to increase the impact and availability of horticulture information. She has shared her expertise in plant pathology with consumer and commercial horticulture audiences throughout Minnesota, and has led the horticulture working group in transitioning from traditional methods of teaching and responding to pest questions to a new style of extension using online tools to increase the availability of Extension resources.