Hail-Damaged Crops: What Happens Next?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"What about applying a foliar fungicide to ward off disease damage following a hail storm? Dean Malvick, University of Minnesota Extension plant pathologist, warns against the promise of a miracle fix.

“The published results that I have seen indicate no significant benefit to application of fungicides to hail-damaged corn,” he says. “Also, crop consultants and producers have reported to me that when they applied fungicides to corn following hail damage in west central and south central Minnesota, there was no notable decrease in disease or increase in yield with the fungicide applications.”

That’s because Malvick says that the corn diseases that are most likely to increase after hail damage are  not controlled effectively with fungicide applications. These include common smut, Goss’s leaf blight and possibly stalk rots.

Malvick wants to connect farmers who have applied fungicides to hail-damaged fields so researchers can learn more about the effects of this practice."