Fred I. Frosheiser Scholarship

2016 Fred I. Frosheiser Scholarship Winner Austin Case2016 Recipient: Austin Case

Case's research focuses on searching wild barley as well as cultivated barley for novel traits. The main thrust of this project will be to identify novel genes conferring resistance to highly virulent races of African stem rust (Ug99) which poses a large threat to wheat and barley production worldwide. Currently only a few genes have been identified that provide protection against Ug99 in barley. A second area of focus for this project will be to investigate low temperature tolerance in wild barley. In multi-year testing wild barley has been able to survive the Minnesota winter. Novel low temperature tolerance related genes processed by wild barley could be used to improve barley low temperature tolerance and create stable winter barley cultivars for the Upper Midwest. The title of his thesis is "Identification of Stem Rust Resistance Mechanisms in Barley."

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