Ward C. Steinstra & Richard A. Meronuck Graduate Student Travel Award

This award was established by Professor Emeritus and Retired Extension Plant Pathologist. Dr. Ward C. Stienstra and Dr. Richard A. Meronuck, Extension Plant Pathologist to recognize outstanding graduate student research and to support student participation in professional scientific meetings. It is a cash award.

2016 Recipients: 

2016 Ward C. Steinstra & Richard A. Meronuck Graduate Student Travel Award

Andrew Sathoff, Deepak Rajendran, Kat Sweeney, Lillian Garber

Lillian Garber

Garber is researching P. fulva in Minnesota high tunnel grown tomatoes. Specifically, she is identifying prevalent races in Minnesota, determining the frequency of avirulence gene mutations and assessing the distribution of mating types across the USA.

Deepak Rajendran

Rajendran's research focuses on the identification of biocontrol agents of soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) and their molecular mechanisms.

Andrew Sathoff

Sathoff's research focuses on improving alfalfa resistance to the crown rot disease complex. Currently, there are no available cultivars with resistance to crown rot or fungicides with the required persistent root and crown activity. Sathoff is testing plant defensins for their antimicrobial activity against crown rot. Also, he is characterizing transgenic promoters that have pathogen-induced expression.

Kat Sweeney

Sweeney's research focuses on the mechanisms used by brown rot fungi during wood decomposition in order to discover ways to utilize these mechanisms for biofuel production.

Past Recipients




Austin Case/ Matthew Haas / Josh Havill

2014 Jordan Briggs / Laura Felice / Matthew Haas / Joshua-Kielsmeier-Cook
2013 Benjamin Held / Laura Felice
2012 Zane Grabau / Dimitre Mollov / Gretchen Freed / Nicholas Leblanc
2011 Liangliang Gao / Lian Lian / Peng Zhou
2010 Brett Arenz / Benjamin Held / Peng Zhou
2009 Greg Reynolds / Matt Rouse / Liangliang Gao / Ji-Hyun Park
2008 Matthew Bakker / Benjamin Held
2007 Pravin Gautam / Haiyan Jia / Paul Meyer
2006 Ryan Syverson / Ben Millett / Maya Hayslett
2005 Brett Arenz / Pablo Olivera / Sharon Lewandowski / Carlos Perez
2004 Jean Rowntree / Rubella Goswami
2003 Matt Culler / Haiyan Jia / Maria Sanchez
2002 Charles Barnes / Yohong Li
2001 Shawn Bernick / Liz Wiggins
2000 Karen Hilburn / Jason Smith