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Heading to San Antonio for the Annual APS Meeting (August 5-9)? Our Department will be well represented! Click below for a list of posters, oral presentations, workshops and sessions authored or led by UMN Plant Path students, staff, and faculty. We will also lead a presentation about effectively communicating science. Feel free to submit your questions here and follow us on social media for more conversations (including Facebook live video conversations) about ways to communicate science.

Leon van Eck's research focusing on the use of whole-genome sequencing data for comparative genomics of disease resistance across multiple species in the Rosaceae was featured in an article on Read more >>

An M.S. student advised by Dean Malvick, Alissa's research focuses on understanding factors in the soil that influence the development of sudden death syndrome on soybeans, and using remote sensing to detect stress of soybean plants caused by sudden death syndrome. Read more >>

Congratulations to Michelle Grabowski who was recently promoted to Extension Professor and to Matt Rouse who was recently promoted to Adjunct Associate Professor.

In part two of this video series, Brian Schwingle, alumnus (M.S. 2007) and Minnesota Department of Tree Insect and Disease Specialist, provides a few ways Heterobasidion root disease can be prevented in pine plantations. Watch >>

This month the department held events recognizing outstanding achievements of two of our alumni. On June 2nd the department hosted an award ceremony for Mike Wingfield (Ph.D. 1983), who was on campus to receive his 2016 Distinguished Leadership Award for Internationals. On June 20 the department hosted Dick Frederiksen ( M.S.1957 Ph.D.1961) and several guests. During the event Dick presented his 1998 Jakob Eriksson Prize to the department as a lasting reminder of the impact of our field.  Read more >>

"The improvement of plant health (and yields) can only be successfully achieved after a clear understanding is made of what is reducing plant health in the first place. This is where the Plant Disease Clinic (PDC), can help." Learn more about the PDC in Minnesota Crop News.

"Conditions are favorable for soybean seedling disease in many areas. Wet soil, slow emergence, and delayed planting have been favorable for seedling diseases in many areas of southern and central Minnesota." Learn more about soybean seedling diseases from Dean Malvick in Minnesota Crop News

Madeleine Smith was quoted in Minnesota Farm Guide where she spoke about fungal disease management in wheat. Read more >> 

As the National Program Leader for Plant Pathology with the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture, alumna Rubella Goswami (Ph.D. 2005) works with programs in the Plant Protection area, supporting initiatives that protect food production systems and ensure the long-term viability of agriculture. Read more >>


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