PLPA's First Virtual Campus Visit for Potential Students

March 08, 2021

We hosted our first ever Virtual Campus Visit, February 17-19, 2021, via Zoom.  Thirteen top applicants joined us and since it was a virtual event we were able to invite international applicants, which was exciting for us and a real bonus. We offered a variety of opportunities for the invited applicants to learn more about our program and amazing faculty, staff, and students including group sessions, attending our Department seminar, joining online courses, going to virtual happy hour with current students, hosting virtual and live tours, as well as Zoom meetings with faculty and lab teams.  

While we were not able to sit around a table and share tacos, go out for a happy hour, or walk around campus on a freezing Minnesota day, we made the most of it!  Thank you to the amazing students, faculty, and staff that were involved in making our first virtual campus visit a success. SEE THE VIDEOS