Anshu Alok

Post-Doctoral Associate - Steffenson Lab
495 BorH

Plant Pathology Room 495 BorH 1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States


My research interest is in genome editing using multiple approaches in important food crops. Previously, I worked on “Targeted editing of meiosis-specific genes to develop variety-specific true potato seed” and "Genome editing to increase β-carotene in banana fruit" During my Ph.D., I worked on “Characterization of Myo-inositol oxygenase gene and its promoter from Triticum aestivum L.”.  In addition, I developed methods for Agrobacterium and biolistics mediated transformations of several plant species, including Arabidopsis, tobacco, tomato, rice, and medicinal plants. I am interested in collaborating and serving the plant science community with my experiences in genome editing and plant tissue culture.