David DeKrey

Researcher 1 - Szabo Lab
495 Borlaug Hall
1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108
+1 612 626 2064

Education/Professional Experience

I have recently graduated from Augsburg University with a Bachelor's of Science in biology and a minor in computer science. At Augsburg, I conducted nearly 3 years of research under my mentor on the physiological changes of soybean due to the disease brown stem rot. Prior to working at the Cereal Disease Lab, I was a research trainee for the plant regeneration team at the Calyxt, Inc.

Research Areas

I research various physiological aspects of plants such as gas-exchange and chlorophyll fluoresce and I aspire to further explore the vascular physiology of woody plants. I'm particularly interested in physiological changes of economically important plants due to complex symbiotic relationship that are formed with pathogenic fungi as well as physiological difference between genetically resistant and susceptible plants. Additionally, I am also interested to discovery more on how other endophytic fungi may also be effecting the physiology of plants.

Plant Pathology Researcher 1 Davy DeKrey