Below is a list of our current job openings. You can explore other Plant Pathology and CFANS career opportunities by searching the University Job Board and entering 'Plant Pathology' or 'CFANS' in the search field.

Department Head with Faculty Rank

The Department Head is the lead academic and strategic officer who works to recruit, mentor, and retain outstanding faculty, graduate students, and academic staff in a set of related disciplines in addition to serving as the administrative leader of departmental programs. In collaboration with college support divisions, the Department Head has responsibility for planning, fiscal management, personnel, and facilities. The Head actively supports the securing of resources for the department to strengthen and broaden its mission, nurture cross-functional relations at the University and beyond, and advance its strong international reputation. This is a 100%-time, twelve-month annually renewable administrative appointment, with an initial appointment period of three years, and a 12-month tenured faculty position as a Professor in the Department.

Post-Doctoral Associate in Plant Pathology - Ranjan, Khokhani

A post-doctoral researcher position is available for project on potato and its interaction with soilborne microbes (fungal and bacterial pathogens such as Verticillium dahaliaeStreptomyces scabies, and Pectobacterium and Dickeya species). The successful candidate will take the lead in understanding the molecular mechanism of plant resistance and the population dynamics of these pathogens. The incumbent will also be expected to present research findings at local and national conferences and assist PI in writing and preparing Federal/state proposals for submission. Initially, the position is offered for a year and continued support is contingent upon the candidate’s performance and/or funding.

Post-Doctoral Associate in Plant Pathology  - McCaghey

The McCaghey Lab seeks a postdoctoral research associate to work on integrated management and ecology of soilborne pathogens in important Minnesota crops. The postdoctoral research associate will lead projects, along with the PI, to understand soybean structural linkages to Sclerotinia stem rot development, environmental determinants of apothecia development and pathogen aggressiveness, and germplasm resistance screenings.