Graduate Courses

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Course Number Course Name Credits Instructor Terms Offered
PLPA 3003/5003 Diseases of Forest and Shade Trees 3 Robert Blanchette Spring
PLPA 5103/8103 Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 3  Jim Bradeen/Nevin Young Spring
PLPA 5202 Field Plant Pathology 2 Brett Arenz Summer
PLPA 5203 Introduction to Fungal Biology 3 Brett Arenz Spring
PLPA 5300 Current Topics in Molecular Plant Pathology 1 James Bradeen Spring
PLPA 5301 Large Scale Omic Data in Plant Pathology 3 Cory Hirsch Fall
PLPA 5303 Data Visualization in Plant and Microbial Biology 3 Cory Hirsch Fall
PLPA 5444 Ecology, Epidemiology & Evolutionary Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions 3 Linda Kinkel Fall
PLPA 5480 Principles of Plant Pathology 3 Brett Arenz Fall
PLPA 5660 Plant Disease Resistance and Applications 3 Brian Steffenson Spring
PLPA 5999 Special Workshop in Plant Pathology 1-4 NA Fall, Spring
PLPA 8005 Supervised Teaching Experience 1-2 Jim Kurle Fall, Spring
PLPA 8090 Advanced Procedures and Research in Plant Pathology 1-8 NA Fall, Spring
PLPA 8104 Plant Virology 2 Benham E. Lockhart Spring
PLPA 8105 Plant Bacteriology 2 Devanshi Khokhani Spring 2020, 2022
PLPA 8123 Research Ethics in Plant and Environmental Sciences .5 TBA Spring
PLPA 8200 Seminar 1 James Bradeen Fall, Spring
PLPA 8300 Plant Pathology Project 1 No instructor Fall, Spring
PLPA 8333 FTE: Master's 1 NA Fall, Spring
PLPA 8444 FTE: Doctoral 1 NA Fall, Spring
PLPA 8666 Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credit 1-6 NA Fall, Spring
PLPA 8777 Thesis Credit: Master's 1-18 NA Fall, Spring
PLPA 8888 Thesis Credit: Doctoral 1-24 NA Fall, Spring