Graduate Courses

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Course NumberCourse NameCreditsInstructorTerms Offered
PLPA 3003/5003Diseases of Forest and Shade Trees3BlanchetteSpring
PLPA 5004Microbes for Sustainable Agriculture3KhokhaniFall
PLPA 5103/8103Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions3RanjanSpring
PLPA 5202Field Plant Pathology2ArenzSummer
PLPA 5203Introduction to Fungal Biology3ArenzSpring
PLPA 5300Current Topics in Molecular Plant Pathology1RanjanFall
PLPA 5301Large Scale Omic Data in Plant Pathology3HirschFall
PLPA 5303Data Visualization in Plant and Microbial Biology3HirschFall
PLPA 5444Ecology, Epidemiology & Evolutionary Biology of Plant-Microbe Interactions3McCagheyFall of even-numbered years
PLPA 5480Principles of Plant Pathology3ArenzFall
PLPA 5660Plant Disease Resistance and Applications3SteffensonSpring (Next Offered Spring 2026)
PLPA 5999Special Workshop in Plant Pathology1-4NAFall, Spring
PLPA 8005Supervised Teaching Experience1-2SteffensonFall, Spring
PLPA 8104Plant Virology2Alvarez-QuintoFall
PLPA 8105Plant Bacteriology3KhokhaniSpring
PLPA 8123Research Ethics in Plant and Environmental Sciences.5Rotating instructorSpring
PLPA 8200Seminar1SteffensonFall, Spring
PLPA 8300Plant Pathology Project1No instructorFall, Spring
PLPA 8333FTE: Master's1NAFall, Spring
PLPA 8444FTE: Doctoral1NAFall, Spring
PLPA 8666Doctoral Pre-Thesis Credit1-6NAFall, Spring
PLPA 8777Thesis Credit: Master's1-18NAFall, Spring
PLPA 8888Thesis Credit: Doctoral1-24NAFall, Spring