Contribute to the Living Legacy Project

Share your photos

Have photos from your time with Plant Pathology that you would like to add to The Living Legacy project? Submit your photos and they might be included on our Flickr and on our other social media platforms. 

Reveal our history

Over the years, Plant Pathology has gathered hundreds of photos of our faculty, students and staff conducting research and attending various events. Many of these old photos lack information and proper labeling to aid us in identifying who is in the photos, what is going on in the photos or where and when the photos were taken. Reveal our history by commenting on these photos and telling any stories you have about those photos through our Living Legacy Photo Collection. Information on how to participate in our photo crowdsourcing can be found here.

Share other stories 

Have other stories you would like to share about your time in Plant Pathology or have other questions about The Living Legacy Project? Contact Communications Coordinator Grant Czadzeck ([email protected]).