Plant Pathology Seminar Series

Currently, all seminars are presented over Zoom. Please contact Katelin Hermanson ([email protected]) or [email protected] with questions.  View past seminars here.

Seminars and titles are subject to change. 

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Seminar Schedule


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/24/2022 Jim Bradeen University of Minnesota - Department of Plant Pathology The Department of Plant Pathology: A 20-Year (Personal) Retrospective
1/31/2022 Savana Lipps Life Science Writer at Bruker The 5 Ws Framework for Successful Science Communication
2/7/2022 Roger Ruan University of Minnesota - Deparment of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering

Innovative Non-thermal Technologies for Management of Small Grain Diseases

2/14/2022 Jonathan Schilling University of Minnesota - Department of Plant and Microbial Biology The fungal mystery behind a white pine train wreck
2/21/2022 Christy Kallevig University of Minnesota - Extension Educator (Center for Community Vitality)  
2/28/2022 Mitch Elmore USDA - CDL  
3/14/2022 Andy Read University of Minnesota (PMB-post doc)  
3/21/2022 Rosalie Calderon Louisiana State Unversity (graduate student)  
3/28/2022 Megan McCaghey University of Minnesota - Department of Plant Pathology  
4/4/2022 TBD    
4/11/2022 Davy DeKrey Grapevine trunk diseases of cold-hardy varieties grown in Northern Midwest vineyards  
4/18/2022 Andrew Mann The role of symbiotic fungi in the invasion process of two tree-killing beetles  
4/25/2022 Jose Ortiz Solorzano Tackling unknowns of an old but new disease: Tarspot of corn an emerging disease in the U.S.  
5/2/2022 TBD