Plant Pathology Seminar Series

Seminars are presented over Zoom or in a hybrid format. Please contact Katelin Hermanson ([email protected]) or [email protected] with questions. 

Join the Seminar on Zoom, or Borlaug 365, at 2:30 Central on the dates below. 

Seminars and titles are subject to change.  

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Seminar Schedule


Date Speaker Affiliation Title Modality
February 6, 2023 Matthew Moscou USDA-ARS CDL Evolution of the plant immune system in grasses Hybrid
February 13, 2023 No Seminar No Seminar No Seminar No Seminar
February 20, 2023 Rebecca Spanner UMN PLPA postdoc - Steffenson Lab The genetic basis of DMI fungicide resistance and role of seed inoculum in Cercospora leaf spot disease of sugar beet Hybrid
February 27, 2023 PBC Special Seminar - Jean-luc Doumont 1:30-3:30pm 335 Borlaug Making the most of your presentations In-person
March 6, 2023 No Seminar No Seminar No Seminar No Seminar
March 13, 2023 Erena Edae USDA-ARS CDL Efforts to develop and utilize community-based genomic resources to combat wheat stem rust disease Hybrid
March 20, 2023 No Seminar No Seminar No Seminar No Seminar
March 27, 2023 Milton Drott USDA-ARS CDL Microevolution of fungal toxins, from plant pathogens to the death cap mushroom Hybrid
April 3, 2023 Matt Clark UMN Department of Horticulture TBA TBA
April 10, 2023 Brett Lane UMN PLPA Postdoc - Kinkel Lab TBA Hybrid
April 17, 2023 Jyoti Sharma UMN PLPA postdoc - Olivera Firpo Lab TBA Hybrid
April 24, 2023 Daniel Hayden Graduate Student UW-Madison PLPA TBA Hybrid
May 1, 2023 Yoonjung Lee PLPA Graduate Student TBA Hybrid


More seminars to be announced soon, check back for updates