Plant Pathology Graduate Student Professional Development Opportunities

Plant Pathology Teaching Experience

All M.S. and Ph.D. students admitted into the Plant Pathology Graduate Program are required to complete a teaching experience. The required teaching experience consists of serving as a teaching assistant for one semester in a Plant Pathology (PLPA) course. As part of the requirement, students will enroll in a workshop on teaching methods and graduate level courses offered by the Center for Educational Innovation, including but not limited to, New TA Orientation and GRAD 8101 Teaching in Higher Education. For students who teaching is a career goal, you are encouraged to participate in Preparing Future Faculty workshops offered through the Center for Educational Innovation.

Learn how one graduate student is developing his teaching skills in this video. 

Plant Pathology Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities provide students with unique exposure to research in other environments, including private industries, federal agencies, other countries, or other universities. Read more below about the various internship experiences both at home and abroad that Plant Pathology students have had. Click for more information about graduate student internships.