Anita Jurevica: My Plant Path video

Mycotoxin researcher Anita Jurevica brings positivity and a growth mentality to life's many challenges and surprises.

Hear Megan McCaghey on Plantopia podcast

In "Soilborne in the USA," Assistant Professor Megan McCaghey discusses her career path, research, and process with host Matt Kasson. 

Becca Hall: My Plant Path Video

Becca Hall turned a love of foraging mushrooms in the woods of Pennsylvania into a Master's degree at UMN Plant Pathology and a fulfilling job teaching the science of plant health to others, right where she graduated.

Entomopathogenic fungi may be the key to biocontrol for emerald ash borer

February 19, 2024

Blanchette Lab research is finding important ties between entomopathogenic fungi and Emerald Ash Borer, which threatens many of Minnesota's trees. 

Alumni Voices: Eric Nazareno '21

After completing his PhD in the department, Eric Nazareno '21 is making the most of a postdoc appointment here at UMN. 

Jyoti Saini Sharma promoted to Researcher 5

Jyoti started in the Olivera lab as a postdoc in 2022 and has excelled in research .

In Memory of Emeritus Professor Neil A. Anderson

Department members new and old reflect on the impact of Anderson, who recently passed away.

Protecting Minnesota’s cultivated wild rice

University of Minnesota Researcher Claudia Castell-Miller shares knowledge and experiences from her collaborative research into wild rice pathogens, genetics, and disease management practices.

2023 USWBSI National Fusarium Head Blight Forum

Small-grains researchers in the Department of Plant Pathology were cornerstones of the 2023 USWBSI National FHB Forum. 

Alumni Voices: Richard Morrison '72

Richard Morrison ‘72 turned a PhD in plant pathology into a long and fruitful career in the seed industry.