Why Choose the Plant Pathology Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota

See why our students decided to join our graduate program and how the department helped our alumni prepare them for success in their careers.

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What our students say

"I decided to attend the University of Minnesota's Department of Plant Pathology because of the amazing work that is done here. There are so many people of the same interest, working together to answer questions and solve problems. I felt like this department was the best choice for me." - Alex Feltmeyer

"The research being performed by the faculty here in the department is some of the best in the world. I am honored to have the opportunity to continue learning here and I hope to contribute to the tradition of excellence in plant pathology." - Matthew Pereyra

What our alumni say

"The department contributed to shaping my career in ways that will be hard to quantify. The times I’ve spent there were some of the best and most transformative years of my life. It was there that I gained a lot of the knowledge, skills, and experience, that gave me the confidence to try and take up new challenges at every stage and reach for my dreams. My teachers and mentors in the department were (and remain), invaluable support to me in my career development. I strongly believe that the department helped me prepare, in every way, to become what I am today." - Rubella Goswami (Ph.D. 2005) National Program Leader for Plant Pathology, USDA-NIFA

"When I graduated with my M.S. in Plant Pathology from the department, I felt confident that I was a well-trained professional plant pathologist, ready to face the world. I think the most important thing was that my professors instilled a sense of scientific rigor that I didn’t have before. Experience in seminars helped me understand that scientific ideas can and should be challenged. Ideas that survive the tests are worthy of higher confidence and further work." - Bob Bowden (M.S. 1981) Research Leader, USDA-ARS

"The multicultural exposure that my departmental education provided me really helped with my career. It allowed me to easily navigate through the various peoples and cultures that my previous and current jobs require in order to be successful. The prestige that comes with my University of Minnesota and Department of Plant Pathology education also makes it easier to establish my credibility in any professional setting." - Vergel Concibido (Ph.D. 1995) Sensient Technologies Corporation