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Name Advisor(s)ThesisDegreeDate
Isaac SchmittDean MalvickInterrogating the Brown Stem Rot pathogenM.S.2024
Kristi LedmanRuth Dill-MackyGenome, transmission, and quantification studies of Xanthomonas translucens, the pathogen causing bacterial leaf streak in small grainsPh.D.2023
Nick GreatensPablo Olivera Firpo, Yue JinStudies on Puccinia coronata var. coronata and other recently observed rust fungi in MinnesotaPh.D.2023
Cristina ToapantaRobert BlanchetteTerrestrial rhizomorphic species of the Polyporaceae family in the Yasuní National Park in Ecuador: taxonomy, life history and pathogenicity traitsPh.D.2023
Sita PaudelBrett Arenz, Benham LockhartTwo new viruses of ornamental plants: identification & characterizationM.S. 2023
Rae PageBrian SteffensonGenetics of Fusarium head blight resistance in barley and of rust resistance in the wild wheat relative Aegilops longissimaPh.D.2023
Yeidymar Sierra MoyaDeborah SamacDevelopment of genetic mapping and DNA markers for tolerance to bacterial stem blight caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae in alfalfaM.S.2023
Eric OttoRobert BlanchetteHeterobasidion irregulare in Minnesota and the important role of native forest fungiPh.D.2022
Dong-gyu KimKathryn Bushley, Senyu ChenMolecular Bases of Interaction Between Soybean Cyst Nematode and Antagonistic Soil FungiM.S. 2022
Savana LippsDeborah SamacAn analysis of the phenotypic, phylogenetic, and genomic characteristics of Pseudomonas syringae phylogroup 2 and Pseudomonas viridiflava phylogroup 7 strains causing bacterial stem blight of alfalfa in the United StatesM.S.2021
Rebecca HallDean Malvick, Kathryn BushleyDistribution and Traits of the Fungal Pathogen Fusarium virguliforme that Influence Spread and Survival in MinnesotaM.S.2021
Jacob BotkinAshok Chanda, Cory HirschDNA-based detection and reference genome assembly of Aphanomyces cochlioidesPh.D.2021
Eric S NazarenoMelania Figueroa, Shahryar KianianDissecting the oat crown rust pathosystem: identifying virulence factors and developing sources of adult plant resistancePh.D.2021
Matthew Colin PereyraLinda KinkelEvaluating the Effects of Antagonistic Interactions on Pathogen Inhibition by Streptomyces Isolates from a Disease Suppressive SoilM.S.2021
Eva HenningsenBrian SteffensonGenomic resources to study virulence and evolution of cereal rust fungiM.S.2021
Alexandra FeltmeyerJennifer Juzwik, Brett ArenzCharacterization of Injection Wound Damage Associated with Propiconazole Treatments of Northern Pin OaksM.S.2020
Alissa GeskeDean MalvickInteractions of Fusarium virguliforme with Soybean Aphid and Common Root PathogensM.S.2020
Pratibha SharmaAshok Chanda, Dean MalvickEvaluation of resistance to Rhizoctonia solani in soybean and assessment of fungicide sensitivity in isolates from sugar beet and soybeanM.S.2020
Deepak HaarithSenyu Chen, Kathryn BushleyCharacterizing A Soybean Cyst Nematode Mycobiome From Waseca Long-term Soy-corn Rotation Experiment in Search of Fungal Biological Control Agents and Bio-nematicidesPhD2020
Melissa Lim PrevenostDean MalvickHear me out: a content analysis of plant pathology podcast and usage in plant pathology extension (Capstone Project)M.S.2020


Name Advisor(s)ThesisDegreeDate
Feng LiMelania Figueroa, Brian SteffensonVirulence of the stem rust fungus and non-host resistance against stem rustPhD2019
Zennah KosgeyRuth Dill-Macky, Matt RouseSources of FHB Resistance, Genetics and Mapping of Stem Rust Resistance in Kenyan and Ethiopian Spring Wheat GermplasmPhD2019
Kristi LedmanRuth Dill-Macky, Carol Ishimaru

Pathovar Identification and Genetic Diversity of Xanthomonas translucens strains isolated from weedy grasses and cultivated wild rice in Minnesota 


Andrew SathoffDeborah SamacPlant Defensins:  An Innovative Approach to Control Alfalfa Crown RotPhD2019
Justin StantonMadeleine Smith, Ruth Dill-MackyBacterial Leaf Streak of Wheat: Inoculation Methods and EpidemiologyM.S.2019
Lillian McGilpJames BradeenCharacterization of Passalora fulva and tomato leaf mold-associated fungi in Minnesota high-tunnels and the management of common high-tunnel tomato diseasesM.S.2018
Matthew MartinBrian SteffensonDevelopment of barley introgression lines carrying the leaf rust resistance genes Rph1 to Rph15M.S.2018
Michelle GrabowskiDean MalvickExploring the host range of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in herbaceous ornamental plants.Ph.D.2017
Garrett BeierRobert BlanchetteInvestigations Of Resistance In American Elm (Ulmus Americana) To Dutch Elm Disease (Caused By Ophiostoma Novo-Ulmi)Ph.D.2017
Laura FeliceLinda Kinkel and Ruth Dill-Macky M.S.2017
Josh HavillAngela Orshinsky and James BradeenManagement Strategies For Hop Downy Mildew Utilizing Fungicides and Host ResistanceM.S.2017
Fazal MananBrian SteffensonGenetics of Rust Resistance in a Wheat Nested Association Mapping PopulationM.S.2017
Austin CaseBrian SteffensonGenetics, Sources, and Mapping Of Stem Rust Resistance In BarleyPh.D.2017
Jordan BriggsMatt RouseMisfits Of Wheat Stem Rust Resistance-­‐ Unusual Solutions To A Consistent ProblemPh.D.2017
Sara BratschBen LockhartDetection, Diagnostics, and Characterization Of Virus-Like Organisms And Conformational Disease-Like Proteins In PlantsPh.D.2016
Adil EssariouiLinda Kinkel Nutrient competition and coevolutionary antagonistic interactions between Fusarium and Streptomyces in soil Ph.D.2016
Anil AdhikariRuth Dill-Macky and Madeleine SmithAssociation Mapping for Net Blotch resistance in Barley and a Study of the Distribution and Population Structure of Barley/Cereal Yellow Dwarf Virus in MinnesotaM.S.2016
Blake WebsterCarol Ishimaru and Dean MalvickFactors Contributing To The Reemergence Of Goss's Wilt and Blight In The Upper Midwestern U.S.M.S.2016
Matthew HaasBrian SteffensonGenetics of resistance to Fusarium head blight and spot blotch in HordeumPh.D.2016
Shuyi HuangBrian SteffensonPhenotypic diversity in the wheat wild relative Aegilops longissima.M.S.2016
Margaret McDermott-KubezckoJennifer JuzwikFungi isolated from black walnut branches in Indiana and Tennessee urban areasM.S.2016
Nicholas LeBlancH. Corby KistlerInfluence of plant diversity and perennial plant identity on Fusarium communities in soilPh.D.2015
Zane GrabauSenyu ChenInteractions between crop rotation, crop yield, plant-parasitic nematodes, and the nematode communityPh.D.2015
Peng ZhouNevin YoungDefense-related gene families in the model legume, Medicago truncatula: computational analysis, pan-genome characterization and structural variationPh.D.2015
Anna YangJennifer JuzwikDetection of the Oak Wilt Pathogen in Sapwood of Northern Oak Species Using PCR TechnologyM.S.2015
Joshua Kielsmeier-CookMatthew RouseNew resistance in old places: resistance to the Ug99 race group of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici in wheat intergeneric hybrids and historic germplasmM.S.2014
Jeltie HulshoutBenham Lockhart M.S.2014
Gretchen FreedDean MalvickSubstrates from soybean and corn influence pathogenesis and growth of Fusarium virguliformeM.S.2014
Melanie MooreRobert BlanchetteInvestigations of Ophiognomonia clavigignenti-juglandacearum: inhibition by Butternut Bark Extracts and Viability of Conidia.M.S.2014
Daniel SchlatterLinda KinkelGlobal biogeography and local adaptation of Streptomyces.Ph.D.2013
Bullo MamoBrian SteffensonGenetic characterization of multiple disease resistance and agronomic/nutritional traits in Hordeum.Ph.D.2013
Zane GrabauSenyu ChenManagement strategies for control of soybean cyst nematode and their effect on the nematode community.M.S.2013
Benjamin HeldRobert BlanchetteDiversity and characterization of wood decay fungi from historic wood in Antarctica.Ph.D. 2013
Patricia Vaz-JauriLinda KinkelEcology of interspecies signaling among Streptomyces and its relationship with pathogen suppression.Ph.D.2013
Liangliang GaoJames BradeenGeneration of genome-wide linkage maps for a wild potato and RNA-seq analysis of transgene mediated potato defense mechanisms against late blight in the tubers and foliage.Ph.D.2013
Dimitre MollovBenham LockhartIdentification, transmission, and genomic characterization of four new viruses in cultivated rose.Ph.D.2012
Samuel StoxenLes SzaboThe population structure of Puccina graminis f. sp. tritici in the United States.M.S.2012
Ryan SyversonCarol A. IshimaruMultiple approaches towards understanding virulence of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus, causal agent of bacterial ring rot of potato.Ph.D.2011
Hao ZhouBrian SteffensonAssociation mapping of multiple disease resistance in U.S. barley breeding germplasmPh.D.2011
Ji-Hyun ParkJennifer JuzwikEtiology of crown decline and dieback in bitternut hickoryPh.D.2011
Lian LianSenyu ChenIdentifying novel sources of resistance to the soybean cyst nematodeM.S2011
Matthew G. BakkerLinda KinkelInteractions between plants and antagonistic streptomycetesPh.D.2011
Jon R. MenkeH. Corby KistlerA Study of Fusarium graminearum Virulence FactorsPh.D.2011
Paul W. MeyerJames E. KurleInteraction of temperature, soil moisture, seed treatment, cultivar, and soybean cyst nematode in root rot of soybeanPh.D.2011
John C. BienapflDean K. Malvick and James A. PercichFusarium and phytophthora species associated with root rot of soybean (glycine max)Ph.D.2011
Yuan ChaiBrian Joel SteffensonInvestigations on stem rust resistance genes in barleyM.S.2011
Matthew N. RouseYue JinStudies on wheat resistance to UG99Ph.D.2010
Brett E. ArenzRobert A. BlanchetteFungi in Antarctica: a circumpolar study of biodiversity in soils and historic structuresPh.D.2010
Pravin GautamRuth Dill-MackyFactors affecting Fusarium head blight development and trichothecene accumulation in fusarium-infected wheat headsPh.D.2010
Gregory J. ReynoldsCarol E. Windels and Ian Vance Mac RaeRemote sensing for detection of rhizoctonia crown and root rot in sugar beet and the impact of the disease on chlorophyll contentM.S.2010
Ann E. ImpullittiDean K. MalvickColonization of soybean (Glycine max) by the pathogen Phialophora gregata and endophytic fungiPh.D.2010
Tammy M. KolanderDean K. Malvick and James E. KurleThe Host range of Fusarium virguliforme on rotational crops and common plant species and its survival and growth on crop residueM.S.2010


Jie ZhouJames E. KurleInteractive effects of soybean cyst nematode, mycorrhizal fungi, and iron-deficiency on soybean nutrients and growthM.S.2009
Ben AlsopBrian J. SteffensonUtilization of Hordeum vulgare subsp. spontaneum for improvement of disease resistance in cultivated barleyPh.D.2009
Ryan BlaedowJennifer JuzwikUse of the systemic fungicide propiconazole for oak wilt management: an assessment of uncharacterized host - pathogen - fungicide interactionsPh.D.2009
Christie Almeyda BecerraBenham E. L. LockhartIdentification and characterization of two viruses causing previously unreported diseases of flowering maple (Abutilon x hybridum) and greenhouse-grown tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)Ph.D.2008
James JacobsRobert A. BlanchetteHistopathology of white pine blister rust in Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.)Ph.D.2008
Carlos PerezRobert A. BlanchetteRelationship between pathogens of Eucalyptus and native Myrtaceae in UruguayPh.D.2008
Pablo D. Firpo OliveraBrian J. SteffensonGenotypic and phenotypic diversity of Sharon goatgrass (Aegilops sharonensis) and genetics of resistance to wheat fungal diseasesPh.D.2008
Ben MilletJames M. Bradeen Characterization of transcription and functon of foliar blight resistance gene RB in foliage and tubers of transgenic cultivated potato at different physiological agesPh.D.2007
Ryan SyversonJames M. BradeenTowards development of molecular resources in disease resistant wild potato Solanum bulbocastanum, including a linkage map and SNP-based markerM.S.2007
Alex EllramDeborah A. Samac and Carol E. WindelsMowing practices to reduce dollar spot disease on creeping bentgrass and environmental influences on the aggressiveness of Sclerotinia homoeocarpaPh.D.2006
Ed QuirinJames M. BradeenResistance gene analog (RGA) library development for the wild potato species, Solanum bulbocastanum and the analysis of non-RGA sequences obtained via the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using degenerate primersM.S.2006
Carmen Gavin VanegasJames KolmerGenetics of stem rust resistance in the spring wheat cultivar Thatcher and the effect of Lr34 on stem rust resistanceM.S.2006
Maria OrdonezJames GrothVirulence, molecular diversity, and life cycle evolution of two rust fungi : in part as: virulence and molecular characterization of a world-wide collection of Puccinia triticina from durum wheat and evolutionary relationship between sympatric macrocylic and microcyclic forms of Tranzschelia SPPPh.D.2006
Brian SchwingleRobert A. BlanchettePhytophthora species associated with diseased woody plants in Minnesota ornamental nurseriesM.S.2006
Senia WarnkeSenyu ChenEffects of rotation crops on Heterodera glycines population, hatch, mortality and development in laboratory and greenhouse studiesM.S.2006
Jose Machado-CaballeroBenham E. L. LockhartIdentification and characterization of two viruses causing previously undescribed diseases of florist's hydrangea (Hydranfea macrophylla endless summer') and white ash (Fraxinus americana)Ph.D.2006
Jorge LussioJames A. PercichThe effect of Rhizobium on the nodulation of chemically and biologically treated dark red kidney bean seed in root rot infested soils in MinnesotaPh.D.2005
Sharon LewandowskiJames E. KurlePathway of infection of Fusarium graminearum in 6-row susceptible barleyM.S.2005
Claudia Castell-MillerDeborah A. SamacTaxonomy, molecular and pathogenic variability of Phoma medicaginis Malbr. & Roum. isolates from Minnesota on alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) and visualization of the infection process of Phoma medicaginis Malbr. & Roum. on alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) leaves with differing degrees of resistancePh.D.2005
Liying ZhangBenham E. L. LockhartCharacterization of episomal and integrated banana streak goldfinger virus (BSGFV)Ph.D.2005
Brett ArenzRobert A. BlanchetteStudies in fungal diversity of the Ross Sea Region of AntarcticaM.S.2005
Silvia PereyraRuth Dill-MackyEpidemiological and ecological studies of pathogenic Fusari causing Fusarium head blight to wheat and barley in Uruguay and prospects for controlPh.D.2005
Jason SmithRobert A. BlanchetteHost-pathogen interactions in rust disease pathosystemsPh.D.2005
Jean RowntreeCarol E. WindelsSurvival of Aphanomyces cochlioides oospores in soil following preconditioning at various levels of relative humidityPh.D.2005
Carlos PerezRuth Dill-Macky and Linda L. KinkelUse of green manures to reduce Fusarium graminearum survival in wheat residuesM.S.2005
Rubella GoswamiH. Corby KistlerGenomic analysis of host pathogen interactions between Fusarium graminearum and its graminaceous hostsPh.D.2005
Haiyan JiaJames E. KurleEvaluating early maturity group soybean cultivars and plant introductions for resistance and partial resistance to Phytophthora sojaeM.S.2005
Maria SanchezJames M. BradeenAllelic mining for late blight resistance in wild Solanum species belonging to series bulbocastanaPh.D.2005
Matt CullerRuth Dill-MackySources and environmental influences on expression of resistance to Fusarium head blight in wheatPh.D.2004
Yuhong LiSenyu ChenEffects of the rhg1 gene on resistance to Heterodera glycines in soybean (Glycine max)Ph.D.2003
Elizabeth WigginsLinda L. KinkelGreen manures and cropping sequences influence indigenous soil-borne antagonists and plant diseaseM.S.2003
Charles BarnesJames GrothDispersal and mating pattern of two plant pathogens in part as spatial and temporal dynamics of Puccina andropogonis on Comandra umbellata and Andropogon gerardii in a native prairie and inbreeding levels of two Ustilago maydis populationsPh.D.2003
Kurt WilhelmRoger JonesAnalysis of the spatial patterns of Fusarium head blight and the implications for controlM.S.2002
Jon ReindersNevin D. YoungMarker assisted introgression and validation of a donor segment possessing a putative stalk quality quantitative trait locus in Zea mays L.M.S.2002
Andrea MorseRobert A. BlanchetteEtiology of red stain in boxelder (Acer negundo)M.S.2002
Alan T. DyerCarol E. WindelsViability, maturation and survival of Aphanomyces cochlioides oosporesPh.D.2002
Crystal FloydRobert A. BlanchetteBiological control of roots rots in forests using fungiM.S.2002
Shawn BernickJon PowellThe assessment of diversity within Minnesota populations of Sclerotinia homoeocarpa and the development of species specific PCR primers for the detection of North America Sclerotinia homoeocarpa isolatesM.S.2002
Jason A. SmithRobert A. BlanchetteEtiology of bronze leaf disease of PopulusM.S.2001
Gacheri Kimathi MuriukiChester J. MirochaDeoxynivalenol and nivalenol in pathogenesis of Fusarium head light in wheatPh.D.2001
Marc NeumanJennifer JuzwikRole of Gliocladium roseum in preventing the overland transmision of Ceratocystis fagacearumM.S.2001
Ramya ManiLinda L. KinkelSpatial and temporal analyses of Xanthomonas translucens pv translucens colonization on wheat leavesM.S.2001
Maropeng Jack MaakeJames Groth M.S.2001
Karen Broz-HilburnRichard J. ZeyenA plant suspension cell assay for anti-fungal transgene efficacyM.S.2001
Rhoda L. BurrowsFrank PflegerPlant biodiversity impacts on arbuscular-mycorrhizal fungiPh.D.2001
Julia JenkinsRoger JonesEpidemiological traits that influence Phytophthora infestans A2 mating typeM.S.2000
Britt PeyerBenham E. L. LockhartDistribution, relatedness and variability of beet necrotic yellow vein virus and beet soilborne mosaic virus in MinnesotaM.S.2000
Kun XiaoLinda L. KinkelBiological control of Phytophthora roots rots on alfalfa and soybean with StreptomycesPh.D.2000
Silvia PereyraRuth Dill-MackySurvival and inoculum production of Gibberella zeae (Schwein.) Petch in wheat residueM.S.2000
Warren KrugerRichard J. ZeyenPhysiological and molecular effects of barley powdery mildew resistance genes on defense responsesPh.D.2000
Elva Consuelo Estevez de JensenJames A. PercichEtiology and control of dry bean root rot in MinnesotaPh.D.2000
Pedro FigueroaAlan P. RoelfsInteractions of Lr13 or Lr34 with other leaf rust resistance genes, pathogen isolates and the environmentPh.D.2000
László GyenisNeil A. AndersonBiological control of septoria leaf spot and canker of hybrid poplar using suppressive strains of Streptomyces spp.Ph.D.2000


James Patrick MartinezJames GrothAnalysis of DNA markers and a transposon-like element, Uar-1, in the bean rust fungus, Uromyces appendiculatusPh.D.1999
Kathy W.M. KromroyRobert A. BlanchetteStudies on the identification and ecology of Armillaria species in Minnesota and WisconsinPh.D.1999
Alan T. DyerCarol E. WindelsSpatial and genetic analyses of Aphanomyces cochlioides in sugar beet fieldsM.S.1999
Kurt D. StrombergLinda L. KinkelProspects for biological control of bacterial leaf streak of wheatM.S.1998
Tsitsi R.C. NdoworaBenham E. L. LockhartBanana streak virus : development of an immunoenzymatic assay for detection and characterization of sequences that are integrated in the genome of the hostPh.D.1998
Andrea M. MoffattJames A. Percich and Robert F. NyvallEvaluation of various grasses as host for Bipolaris oryzae, causal organism of fungal brown spot on cultivated wild rice in MinnesotaM.S.1998
Mary E.S. MobergDavid MacDonaldEffect of soybean products and other host products on hatch of the soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines Ichinohe)Ph.D.1998
Jill CalabroRobert A. BlanchetteInvestigations on the use of biological wound treatments to enhance wound closure and inhibit decay in Populus deltoidesM.S.1998
Chad J. BehrendtRobert A. BlanchetteBiological processing of pine logs with Phlebiopsis gigantea for pulp and paper productionPh.D.1998
Matthew J. McBrideDeborah A. SamacColonization and effect of disease-suppressive streptomyces on alfalfa growth and nodulation by Rhizobium melilotiM.S.1997
Dean K. MalvickJames A. PercichDiversity and population structure of Aphanomyces euteiches associated with vegetable and forage legumesPh.D.1997
Nora A. AltierLinda L. KinkelEpidemiological and ecological studies on fusarium crown and root diseases of birdsfoot trefoil in Uruguay and the prospects for breeding resistancePh.D.1997
Wendy J. WhiteRobert A. BlanchetteBiology and control of blue stain fungi in Populus tremuloidesM.S.1996
Bruce E. PaulsrudNeil A. AndersonCharacterization of antagonistic Streptomyces spp. from potato scab-suppressive soils and evaluation of their biocontrol potential against potato and non-potato pathogensM.S.1996
Miriam R. NewtonLinda L. KinkelQuantifying components of relative fitness in coexisting pathogen strainsM.S.1996
Akhilesh MishraAlan P. RoelfsGenetics of leaf rust resistance in durum wheatPh.D.1996
Dennis Neil McDougallRobert A. BlanchetteInvestigations on the use of polyethylene plastic in the treatment of tree woundsM.S.1996
Kuo-Chih LinWilliam R. BushnellIsolation and characterization of host response genes associated with resistant reactions induced in oat by Puccinia graminisPh.D.1996
Kasia M. DuellmanRichard A. MeronuckUse of water inputs to forecast white mold on dry edible beanM.S.1996
Junping ChenChester J. MirochaIdentification and characterization of fumonisin and AAL toxins and their derivatives produced by Fusarium moniliforme and Alternaria alternata F. sp. LycopersiciPh.D.1996
Dionicio AlvaradoRobert A. BlanchetteArmillaria root rot in the central forests of MexicoPh.D.1996
Zhihong YangBenham E. L. LockhartAn analysis of the nucleotide sequence and genomic organization of Kalanchoë top spotting virusM.S.1995
Jean Louise Williams-WoodwardFrank Pfleger and Carol E. WindelsCrop rotation, green manure, and tillage effects on common root rot of pea (Pisum sativum) caused by Aphanomyces euteiches : and, development of assays to estimate inoculum levels in soilPh.D.1995
Tarkus SugandaNeil A. AndersonQuantification of vascular colonization as means to evaluate resistance of potato to  Verticillum alvo-atrum  and  V.  dahilaePh.D.1995
Robert K. NoydFrank PflegerEcological interactions between native prairie grasses and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the reclamation of taconite iron ore tailingPh.D.1995
Brent D. McCallumJames GrothThe genetics of teliospore production and microevolution in rust fungiPh.D.1995
Cecilia R. JonesDeborah A. SamacUse of suppressive Streptomyces strains for biocontrol of soilborne pathogens of alfalfaM.S.1995
László GyenisErnest E. Banttari and Neil A. AndersonFactors affecting verticillium wilt development in wilt resistant and susceptible potato cultivars infected with potato virus x, potato leafroll virus or both virusesM.S.1995
Vergel C. ConcibidoNevin D. YoungIdentification and characterization of soybean cyst nematode resistance genes using DNA markersPh.D.1995
Jason R. BrantnerJames A. Percich and Robert F. NyvallSurvival, inoculum sources, and propiconazole sensitivity of Bipolaris species causing fungal brown spot of wild rice and host sensitivity to ophiobolinM.S.1995
Julie Wood BealeCarol E. WindelsVariability and spatial pattern of Aphanomyces cochlioides in soils assayed in the greenhouse compared to root rot in the fieldM.S.1995
Richard P. WoodwardRoy D. Wilcoxson and E.S. StewartCharacterization of variation in Fusarium graminearum Schwabe using isozymes, rDNA fingerprinting, and pathogenicityPh.D.1994
Andrew D. RyanLinda L. KinkelInoculum density and population dynamics of suppressive and pathogenic Streptomyces strains and their effects on potato scab biocontrolM.S.1994
F. Javier Plasencia de la ParraErnest E. BanttariDevelopment of a monoclonal antibody-based immunoassay to evaluate potato resistance to verticillium wiltPh.D.1994
Tsitsi R.C. NdoworaLinda L. KinkelEvaluation of techniques for identification of Streptimyces isolates in ecological studiesM.S.1994
James E. KurleFrank PflegerPopulation responses of arbuscular mycorrizal fungi to agricultural management practicesPh.D.1994
Eric C. EckwallNeil A. Anderson and J.L. SchottleProduction of secondary metabolites associated with potato scab diseaseM.S.1994
Timothy A. ClarkRichard J. ZeyenPlant response gene transcript accumulation in barley,Hordeum vulgare , attacked by the powdery mildew fungus, Erysiphe graminis f. sp. hordeiPh.D.1994
Chad J. BehrendtRobert A. BlanchetteBiological control of blue stain fungi in wood using a colorless strain of Ophiostoma peiliferumM.S.1994
Janell M. Stevens-JohnkRoger JonesCharacterization of isolates of Rhizoctonia solani anastomosis groups 2-2 and 3 based on whole-cell fatty acid analysisPh.D.1993
David M. RizzoRobert A. BlanchetteGenetics and ecology of Armillaria ostoyaePh.D.1993
James Patrick MartinezJames Groth and Nevin D. YoungInheritance of DNA markers and their use for phylogenetic analysis in the bean rust fungus, Uromyces appendiculatusM.S.1993
DeHong JiangRichard J. ZeyenThe role of silicon in barley resistance to powdery mildew, Erysiphe graminis f.sp. hordeiPh.D.1993
Ligia I. Navarrete-AyalaBenham E. L. Lockhart and Neil E. OlszewskiGenetic analysis of commelina yellow mottle virus (CoYMV)M.S.1993
Nora A. AltierJudy A. ThiesDevelopment of a culture plate method to evaluate and select alfalfa germplasm for resistance to Pythium seedling diseasesM.S.1993
Daqun LiuNeil A. AndersonBiological control of Streptomyces scabies and other plant pathogensPh.D.1992
Juilo Huerta-EspinoAlan P. RoelfsAnalysis of wheat leaf and stem rust virulence on a worldwide basisPh.D.1992
Eric W.A. BoehmWilliam R. BushnellDetermination of the karyotype in selected species of Eocronartium, Puccinia and MelampsoraPh.D.1992
Irshad AliAlan P. RoelfsResistance to unique wheat leaf rust culturesM.S.1992
Weiping XieChester J. MirochaIsolation, purification, characterization and structure identification of derivatives of fusarochromanone produced by Fusarium equisetiPh.D.1991
Monica Kay WallaceDavid MacDonaldCorrelation of edaphic factors with plant-parasitic nematode populationsPh.D.1991
Laura R. ToddThor Kommedahl and Carol E. WindelsPathogenesis of Zea mays by Fusarium moniliforme using enzyme analysisPh.D.1991
Tarkus SugandaRoy D. WilcoxsonResistance to barley net blotchM.S.1991
Janell M. Stevens-JohnkRoger JonesFatty acid analysis of isolates of Rhizoctonia solaniM.S.1991
Nancy K. OsterbauerDavid W. FrenchEvaluation of propiconazole as a treatment for oak wilt in two species of QuercusM.S.1991
Cynthia M. OcambThor KommedahlEcology of soilborne Fusarium species associated with roots and the rhizosphere of Zea maysPh.D.1991
Rita A. KuzniaRichard A. Meronuck and Elwin L. StewartFungi associated with Lupinus species in MinnesotaM.S.1991
David R. JohnsonJames A. PercichStudies on in-vitro screening of wild rice for resistance to fungal brown spot caused by Bipolaris oryzaePh.D.1991
Cheryl A. EngelkesCarol E. WindelsPathogenicity and survival of Ag-2-2 of Rhizoctonia solani on sugar beet and bean cropsPh.D.1991
Jan Eric BacklundAlan P. Roelfs and Les J. SzaboPhysical characteristics of the Puccinia graminis F.SP. tritici genomeM.S.1991
Beatriz Alida PerezAlan P. RoelfsDurable resistance to leaf rust in South American wheat cultivatesPh.D.1990
F. Javier Plasencia de la ParraChester J. MirochaConjugation products of the Fusarium mycotoxin zearalenoneM.S.1990
Flavio A. LazzariRichard A. MeronuckMoisture variability of individual seeds of soybeans in the field and in storagePh.D.1990
Muhammad Kosim KardinJames GrothGenetics of resistance and density-dependent pathogen fitness interactions in the bean-bean rust pathosystemPh.D.1990
German P. HoyosNeil A. AndersonVascular colonization of potato by Verticillium dahliae and its relationship to disease and host resistancePh.D.1990
Robert L. HillsBill W. KennedyTime sequencing of paraquat application on soybean : effects and possible mechanismsM.S.1990
Grace Z. BucherDavid W. FrenchIdentification and pathogenicity of isolates of Hypoxylon mammatum and resistance of willows and aspens to these isolatesM.S.1990
Necmettin BolatAlan P. RoelfsStem rust resistance of selected durum wheatsM.S.1990


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