2022 End-of-Year Party

At the end of a long winter, spring is not an inevitability but a cause for celebration. The same could be said for an academic year with numerous changes, including changing COVID-19 safety norms and departing leadership, alongside the routine rigors of producing top-quality research and educating the next generation of scientific leaders.

Interim Department Head Ruth Dill-Macky and Graduate Program Coordinator Diane Hennan took it upon themselves to ensure that all members of the department got a day in the sun, literally and metaphorically.

An ice cream truck with pie met the group near the Norman Borlaug statue outside Borlaug Hall, and Diane brought chilled growlers of iced coffee and iced tea. A fair day over 70 degrees made it the perfect time to sit outside and have conversations with colleagues and friends.

Ruth donned her own cap and gown to celebrate Deepak Haarith '20 and Dong-Gyu Kim '22 (forthcoming), both of whom walked at Commencement on May 7. Matt Rouse was also awarded the glass apple for his promotion from Adjunct Associate Professor in Plant Pathology to Adjunct Professor.

Thank you to all who attended, and thanks to the whole Plant Path community for a great year!