Fall Fun: CFANS Sampler and Apple Picking

The return of the fall semester brings back a busy campus, classes, and teaching and TAing, but Plant Path department members are making time for the fun traditions of autumn as well.

Robert, Brian, Diane, Becky, and Zoe at the CFANS sampler outside Folwell hall wearing UMN maroon.
Department members on the Folwell Hall lawn.

On Friday, September 29, Diane, Becky, and Zoe participated in the Homecoming weekend CFANS Sampler, bringing the "What Plant Disease are you" quiz as well as free stickers. Brian and Robert also attended! Go Gophers!


Hsuan Fu, Andrew, Alisha and her partner, Diane and her dog, Annie and her partner, Oadi and his family, and Matt and his family pose outside the Whistling Well barn
PLPA (and some partners and families!) outside the Whistling Well Farms barn.

Department members also went apple picking at Whistling Well Farms in Hasting, bringing along loved ones to join. What's a better way to celebrate autumn than enjoying one of CFANS's own Honeycrisp apples right in the orchard?

Andrew, Jose, Hsuan Fu, Diane, Annie, Robert, and his daughter stand in the orchard at Whistling Well farm