2023 International Congress of Plant Pathology

Faculty members Brett Arenz and Ashok Chanda represented UMN Plant Pathology at the 2023 International Congress of Plant Pathology held in Lyons, France in late August.

Arenz gave an oral presentation, "Teaching Plant Pathology in the larger context of science and the humanities," during a teaching-related session, and Chanda presented a research poster. The two also met up with old friends like former Department Head Jim Bradeen and former graduate student Pratibha Sharma. 

“The International Congress of Plant Pathology only meets once every 5 years so getting a chance to attend was a great experience even though it is a difficult time to be gone from the Plant Disease Clinic as August tends to be the peak season, though Jennifer and Grace weathered the storm of samples admirably,” Arenz said. “It was a wonderful meeting, incredibly warm in Lyon at the time (104) at one point, but the conference hall had good AC, which tended to be more of a rarity elsewhere.”

Our Midwestern emissaries also got to enjoy some French architecture, culture, and food. Brett adds: Lyon itself is a very interesting city with both Roman and Medieval history so lots to see. There are something like over 4000 restaurants in the whole city and considered the gastronomic capital of the world. Very strong bread game in general, but the single best thing I had to eat was the Lyonnaise salad.”