Becca Hall

Senior Instructional Support Specialist
and Outreach Coordinator
217 Stakman Hall

1991 Upper Buford Circle
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States

Contact me for help with:
  • Outreach opportunities 
  • Materials and lesson plans on plant pathology topics
  • Questions about department lab courses  


 I am a graduate of our department and received my master's degree in Plant Pathology in 2021. I worked with Dean Malvick studying the distribution and survival strategies of Fusarium virguliforme, the fungal pathogen responsible for soybean sudden death syndrome. Before attending the UMN, I received my bachelor's degree in Biology from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and was working for the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department at the Green Mountain Conservation Camp. 

I organize and teach many of the lab courses within our department. This includes maintaining collections and plants for educational purposes. I also organize and develop outreach programming for various events throughout the year. 

Outside of work, I like to go camping up north, hiking with my foxhound, gardening, mushroom hunting, and exploring the twin cities.