Plant Pathology Seminar Series

Join us each Monday from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm in Borlaug Hall room 365 to hear about Plant Pathology research and other topics about plant health. Each week the seminar will be recorded for those who would like to see the seminars but cannot attend. The seminars can be viewed below.

Upcoming Seminars and Events

Apr. 25: Eric Otto, Plant Pathology M.S. Student

Eric Otto presented a research seminar titled "A World Without Chocolate? Diseases and Societal Impacts of Cocoa Tree Production in West Africa."

Feb. 15: Ruth Dill-Macky, Plant Pathology Professor

Ruth Dill-Macky presented a research seminar titled "Fusarium Head Blight: an argument for integrating disease control practices."

Feb. 8: Pablo Olivera, ARS-USDA Cereal Disease Lab

Pablo Olivera presented a research seminar titled "Research on wheat stem rust: A re-emerging disease with significant threat to wheat production."

Nov. 16: Matthew Martin, Plant Pathology M.S. Student

Matthew Martin presented his seminar titled "Cedar Dieback and other Phytophthora’s invading the UK."

Sept. 28: Distinguished McKnight Professor Nevin Young

Distinguished McKnight Professor Nevin Young presented "Re-sequencing the Medicago Genome Reveals the Diversity and Architecture of Complex Gene Families."

Nov. 9: Eric Tedford, Technical Product Lead, Fungicides Syngenta

Eric Tedford presented "Are fungicides no longer just for disease control? Physiological benefits, yield and beyond, and the complications of plot design for grower relevant interpretation of the results."

Oct. 5: Jitendra Kumar, Postdoc From the USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Lab

Jitendra Kumar presented "Wheat dwarf India virus and associated satellites: a new tool for functional genomics in wheat."